Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Lazy Sunday...............

It's Sunday and ALL the children have gone out to Roma to visit Jessica. I am home alone.......alone ,quiet, peaceful, I think you understand...
So I should be making my bed......
Or even be folding all the washing that is clogging up my Laundry...
and I should really be up at the Local Hall helping at a working bee....

Instead though...
I think I will plant these plants that a friend gave me 2 weeks ago.
Then sit here and have a coffee and read a little while..

Continue walking down here.....

dead head a few roses

Then may be just may be I will make the bed and do the folding......
Enjoy your Sunday...


  1. Hello Mandy
    Now that sounds just like our yesterday lol
    Enjoy the day no matter what it brings:)
    Take care

  2. Hey Mandy, sounds like a perfect day to me you've planned for yourself.

  3. Sounds perfect! Enjoy your 'You' time

  4. I see you on fb all the time and last nignht I got to thinking I wonder if your blog is still running - and here it is - beautiful and inspirational as always.

    I am working today but after I finish this agent on site thing I am coming home to plant something in the newly cleared vegetable garden and tame some of the plants that are growing like triffids. Then mabye I will have a coffee and catch up on all that I have missed.

    I might even see if I can find Notes from Daisy Mountain - I might even post something!!!!

    Thank you hanging in there with me.


  5. Lovely pictures Mandy and a lovely, cruisy day.

    I've just been out to lunch with 2 friends (the cafe is at a plant nursery). Home at 3pm with some plants to pot on and I am exactly like you - there is washing to fold, a kitchen to tidy...the list goes on. I'd better made a start and get these plants in,

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS - YAY! Daisymum is making a return!

  6. Your flowers look lovely. Laundry can wait. It will be there tomorrow. Enjoy your day.

  7. I like the way you prioritize things... hehe! Your garden looks lovely.
    Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment.
    Enjoy your lazy Sunday!
    ~ Jo :)