Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A very long week-end.....

What a great long week end we have had here in the Storey household.Let me start with Friday......Getting my hair done is not something I do often, I'm more one of those cut it your self type gals, but when I do, I do it well....Imagine fire engine red with blond foils...yep your getting the picture...I new when my Mum walked into the hair dressers by the loud ggggaaaassssppppp or was it muffled laughter still not sure....The rest of the day was spent shopping with the occasional " It sure is red isn't it Mandy" comment every time we walked into the sun...The evening was finished of with wine on the deck, what I call a perfect day....Mum stayed until Sunday Morning, then it was time to pick up the Japanese students....These girls were fun with a capital F, they fit right in with the family and we all had such a good time.Australia Day was spent around the pool and just enjoying the day. A nice roast and veges for tea to finish the day with and then off to bed....
Our Japanese girls left at 7.30 this morning to head of to Sea World then they head back to Japan at the end of the week..
Cassie, Robbie and Will started school again today, looking back over the last eight weeks of summer holidays we have experienced alot and grown closer together.They enjoyed their first day back at school though and I think I missed them more then they missed me.

Alanah's pass port arrived today(sob)so we have booked her ticket for next Wednesday 30th (sob,sob) One week that is all I have my girl for, so much to do to get her ready for this amazing adventure...Did I mention one week, my goodness she will nearly be there this time next week. I have told her she needs to start a blog so we can keep up with all she is doing over there...I hope she does.....

I have even managed to get some gardening done this week-end...and look what I found at the back of the chicken pen...My passion fruit vine heavy with fruit..
So now you can see why i haven't blogged for a while busy, busy...But life is settling down now and getting back to normal....if I new what normal was.
I am going to see what you have been up to these last few days..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not long now.....

So it's really happening Alanah is leaving.....soon....very soon. I think it is starting to sink in that she is going to be so very far away...Ontario Canada is there any-thing further? I have a peace in my heart about this as I believe it is the right choice for her at this time..I have even talked to Sarah, Sarah is the lady to whose house she will be going to. Sarah seems genuine and down to earth, they are so excited for Alanah to be coming over so all will be well....Yep I'll keep telling myself that..We have so much to do, cuddles for a year to make up, kisses to keep, I just find myself starring at her and will be a woman when I see you next..O have I said I'm fine ....just fine!!!!!
this week-end my Mum is coming to stay to catch up with Alanah before she goes and the younger ones before school starts back..Lots of relaxing and girl talk for this week end...After 2 crazy weeks just what I need.
Enjoy your week end all....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet my visitors......

First meet the girls...Yamane, Sarsuki & Orie
Now Meet the boys..... Naoya, Kazuhei & Yoshihiro..The girls went home Sunday at 8am and the boys got here at 11am...Yes it is crazy busy around here, but a good busy.We have a break for a few days then we get the next visitors' William spying on the boys in there room to see what they are up to. Never know what you can learn....

I thought I would show you my workshop and where I spend alot of my time these days. Now if you were thinking of a nice clean shop I am about to disappoint you.

Just a massive shed with my desk in a corner for the office. O and the fan is my air conditioning not real good for our hot weather we have. Work has been very busy which is good, and I am learning more every day..

Tomorrow we will be busy covering school books and getting them all organized...It won't be long and all the children will be back at school..Thank you for the wonderful comments and well wishes for Alanah...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So much can happen in so short a time.....this is something I have learnt in the past 12mths and still learning.. My beautiful daughter Alanah is leaving the nest..Alanah finished grade 12 last year and was to go to uni this year...Well things have changed.......Alanah is heading over to Canada.....that's right CANADA....She has got a job as a nanny over there for a very lovely family with 2 young girls. Alanah is so excited and I am as well for her..I have had my cry(O.K more than a few) and now I am just so happy that she has this opportunity to travel....I will keep you informed, as she has to get her passport and visa yet...
Something a little fun is Robbie thinking he is a Rodeo star...yep thought he'd have a go at ridding one of the young steers...egged on by all of couse.....boys.....gotta love them.

Over the next week I will be having 10 Japanese students coming and going. ATM I have 3 girls they go tomorrow and then I come home with 4 boys...a busy week ahead..
I hope you are all enjoying your week-end..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to work..

Back to work yesterday, and what a big day. I suppose i have been gone for 3 weeks and there's lots of catching up to do.
These two photos are of a Hibiscus plant a got yesterday for the new deck. They are called "disco belle" The flowers are so big and beautiful, that I couldn't leave them there.The plant itself is a dwarf hibiscus so will do really well in pots.
I got this sweet table and chair setting from my local hardware man, but the plants and pots are from Bunnings. I don't want to put to much on the deck as it is really for the clothesline and we don't want sheets and plants fighting...

In the evening this is where you'll find me sitting. The old clothesline goes next week, and I will soon be planting in the garden around the cubby house. I do love to have different sitting areas for different times of the day and yes even different seasons.

Work again today, I am still enjoying work and the challenges it brings in running a workshop. There is still some small changes to be made to run it more efficiently but I'm getting there.
Have a great day all...

Monday, January 11, 2010

More birthdays....

Happy Birthday Karen....Today is my daughter-in-laws b/day, I hope you are enjoying your day today Karen. With David at work I'm sure it will be relaxing....make sure he cooks you your favorite meal for tea tonight.
That's 2 Birthdays down 7 more to go.....

I have been busy mowing since I got home, above is the block I have been slowly getting on top of. I have so far been through 1 set blades and had to get a new tube as I had a flat tyre, and I'm only half way through it!!!! I am looking into getting a slasher as this will make things a lot easier and quicker for me.

Do you remember the photos of before I went away of the where the deck was to go, well it's all done. What a good handy man I have as it has tidied this area up as I hoped it would, I love it....What a great clothes line I have now and a wonderful deck as a bonus...and yes I have already sat out there and had a glass of wine.

I need to put a few plants out there and pretty it up a bit and all will be done.

Tomorrow I will be heading back to work, I should be there today but I have the electrician here and it's getting late now..Never mind I will be able to get the rest of the mowing done instead...



Friday, January 8, 2010


We are home....... the road trip is over......for now. I know there will be more. As we are unpacking we are talking about where we are going next? Who is up for a visit may-be I could do a blogger road trip???and met some of you? We ended up coming straight home from Yeppoon as the weather turned nasty, we got rained out and every-thing got wet...I just need to do a few minor adjustments for wet weather and we will be fine.Yesterday was Robbie's 12th Birthday.
He is growing into such a capable young man, but is growing way to fast. We went out for tea last night for his B/day in Toowoomba which was nice.Happy Birthday Robertson seems like yesterday that you were born in the bathroom here at home, delivered by your Dad..
Today I will get out into the garden and have a look at what's been happening since I've been gone. It is so green all around which was so nice to come home to...
By for now

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still in Yeppoon..

and loving it!!!!!!! yes I know I have to go home some time, but look at that sky and the blue water, can you see why I'm loving it.

Below is the whistling ship at Emu Point, this is where these photos are taken. Yesterday we went for a drive to check out the sites. The road here winds around the sea with great views around every bend which makes driving quite hard.
Tomorrow we are heading to Rainbow beach and staying there for Robbie's birthday on Thursday. The weather is supposed to get bad so we will see what happens. I would hate to have to go home just yet, but if bad weather sets in that's what we'll have to do.
Below is Cassie, Robbie and William getting some early morning fishing in, Greg would be very proud of Robbie as he had to buy the hooks and gear to set up the rods and did a great job. He had a good fishing teacher in his Dad. It's moments like this I realize how much we miss Greg as he would be of fishing all day with the kids, but he wouldn't have been camping that's for sure.

This fishing hole is not far from our camp site so I don't have to sit there with them all the time. Well I am going to drop by and have a quick read of some friends while I have the lap top charging..Thank you for all the well wishes for the new year, I know that it will be a good one.
Blessings Mandy

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Here we are all set up at Yeppoon, what a lovely spot this is our camp site is overlooking the water and is so cool and shady.Below is the the children under the big mango at Bowen, we had to stop here to take photos.
Below is a view looking up part of the main street of Ayr.I still think this town is beautiful. While talking to my Mum last night she told me my Nan & Pop used to live here, maybe that's why I like it so much?

Below is the children at Airlie Beach we stopped here for lunch and a look around at the place, way to busy for me. Alanah said she would like to go back there for a holiday.
We are staying here at Yeppoon for at least 2 nights may be more. I have to be home in a week what a shame I am enjoy this Gypsy travelling and could get used to it.
Blessings from Yeppoon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings from Ayr...

Happy New Year every-one....
I saw the new year in with a lovely lady I met in Townsville called Leanne, we sat and talked to 1 am.and saw the new year in together. Leanne was from my old stomping ground Mt Isa. You know some people come along that you just click with well she was one of these people. I wonder if she was an angel in disguise. Well I thank God for sending her down to sit and listen to my mad ravings, and you all know what there like. My eldest son said he was staying up to midnight to kick the old year in the a**e and make sure it was gone.Well it's gone and 2010 is going to be a year of new beginnings here in the Storey household. I hope you have all enjoyed the first day of 2010...We spent the day over at Magnetic Island with my Aunty and Uncle, cousin and her 2 children..We had a wonderful time catching up with them and seeing the sights of the island..The boys loved Magnetic so much they asked if the could move there.They met there 2nd cousins how were there age and played in the creek that was running at the back of the house (ankle deep) a very care free life that's for sure.
Last night we spent in Ayr as we only left T/ville at 4p.m. What a lovely pretty little town this is later I'll take a photo before we get on the road and show you. Today we are heading down the coast, I don't know where we'll stay but I'll know when I see it.
So far this trip has been what I wanted a healing trip and I am starting to heal.... slowly.
I'll talk again from the road...
Blessings Mandy.