Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean Up Time....

Do you ever feel that you have lost control?????
Well that's how I'm feeling about my Garden. Long term readers know who I love my gardening and my garden. Below is a photo from November 2010...We hadn't had much rain and my grass is always lush and green out here keeping the house cool. Through all the years of drought this is the one area that stays green.
This was just taken, my grass after inches and inches of rain.

Yep green all around , some other ares are stating to die as well. I need some help here ladies. Would the grass die from too much water? or is there some decease in it? I have checked for any grubs and there is none......
What to do.....
I have lost most of my lavender and salvias from all the rain and my garden looks worse now than it did through the drought.
So instead I am cleaning around the house. That I can take control of and do. No I don't have control issues thank you very much..........

Below is walking up to the front of the house. Yesterday was spent cleaning up under here, it is clean now but looks a bit boring so I am going to decorate today.

My veranda has become a dumping ground over Christmas and through the flood.

My front door......Blahhhhhhhh.

Ummmm the chest of draws came from my bed room and I have got them as far as here.
This is whats greets you when you get to the top of the stairs....
Not very welcoming is it..

So I don't have any grass to mow but I can go and clean up the veranda...
How is your week end going?


  1. What a shame Mandy - I wouldn't do anything just yet, as hard as it is I'd just let it all dry a bit. As well as all that rain did you get any of the run off associated with it, did soil from other parts of the garden move in to that area or has it just died off?
    I can't give any advice 'cept I'd ask in your local nursery for any hints they may have - or try some online forums.
    I do know lavender don't like moist weather, they do best in a dry climate (like Adelaide) I'm on the outskirts of Melbourne and can grow some varieties but not others. Wish you luck as forget the kitchen I always think the garden is the heart of a house lol
    Take care

  2. Hi Mandy,

    hmmm, not sure about the lawn. Maybe it needs aerating (spiking) to let some air into the soil? It really is dead, isn't it?

    That chest of drawers would look good shabby chic style, painted white then all roughed up...or sanded back and given a really good coat of varnish to bring out the grain of the wood. I'm sure you'll transform it to your liking.

    I am so glad it's dried out up there,

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Hi Mandy..our grass has done the same here from all the rain...we're just leaving ours for now & little bits of green are coming through now with the sun out....
    I too Agree that chest of drawers would look Fab in White....something for you to think about...
    happy decorating...

  4. I am not sure with the lawn if you don't have lawn grub but it does look dead. I would leave it and see what happens over the next few weeks, see if you get any green coming through. I agree with Joolz on the chest of drawers.

  5. Hi Mandy, I have spoken to my gardening guru for you (DH) and he says what has happened is all of the mud forms a very fine silt over the grass and kills the grass. If it is only a fine layer of silt then the grass may revive itself but if it is too thick its like pouring concrete over the grass and it won't come away again as it won't see the sunlight or be able to get everything it needs to survive. Anyway thats my boys opinion

  6. Thanks girls have painted the chest of drawers white and I will leave the lawn(what lawn} for now....I have raked it all to get the dead grass out and will wait to see what happens....May be it is lawn grubs ??????????????????

  7. I've been reading some of your lovely blog and I thought I'd say hello. Glad to see that you're all ok after the floods. I'm sure you'll have your garden back into good condition in time. Looks like that lawn is waterlogged! I wonder if 'coring' it would help.
    Take care, Maa.