Monday, January 10, 2011

From Dinning Room to Bed Room......

My bedroom has been a number of rooms over the years.

It started out life as the lounge room, which I can not find any photos of. If you click on lounge rooms in the side bar they are there.

It then became the dinning room after I lost Greg, as I needed a change. It made the most wonderful dinning room.

In this photo I am standing looking in. Where the flowered curtain is, is now the doorway into my bathroom, and the door to the right is my walk in robe.

This little bed side table was the phone table, but it makes a wonderful little table beside my bed.

On the other side I have kept this set of drawers, there is nothing in here but the room looked strange without 2 bed side tables.

My desk and little office.

From the bathroom mirror reflecting back into the bed room mirror.

My most amazing, wonderful walk in robe........

Now you can what a difference, from dinning room to Master Bed room....

My new light fitting, I also have a matching one for the bath room but the electrician is unable to get here with the creeks all flooded.

These curtains are my favorite and I made them years ago for my other bedroom. Now they look great in my new room and matching in the bath room.

I have used a lot of mirrors as there is only the one small window and mirrors help to bounce the light around the room.

I am yet to paint my room and it will be painted the same as the bathroom Antique White by Dulux. I will have to wait for some sunshine before I start though...

I enjoyed my first bath last night with good music ( Jimmy Barnes) a glass of good wine and lots of bubbles.


Thank you for all the wonderful feed back on my bathroom, I hope you enjoyed the bed room tour.




  1. I am loving the pictures of your home Mandy, you do a wonderful job with decorating.

    With my home being more modern, sadly I can't change too much around.


  2. Love seeing your reno pictures. I like your clever use with the mirrors too.
    Caroline xo

  3. It Looks Fabulous you are a clever Chickie....

  4. I am loving the renos and your decorating style and also your bathing style (listening to JB and drinking wine) :0)

  5. Just back after a family drama and catching up onmy fav blogs,I love your look I could just sigh and sit in any part..the bath sounds devine..Carole xx

  6. Your bedroom looks great, love your walk in robe. I agree with everyone else i love your decorating style, and clever use of mirrors.

  7. I hope you and your family are ok with the flash flooding that hit your area yesterday.

  8. Hi Mandy I am hoping you & your family are okay after yesterday, I have been so worried about you all, you were on my mind all night. Let me know if you are all o.k or if I can do anything for you.

  9. Hope you and your precious family are safe and well Mandy.

    Thinking of you and hoping you haven't been caught up in the devastation that hit Toowoomba yesterday.

    God Bless,


  10. Have been thinking about you Mandy and hope you and your family are all okay, after the flash flooding yesterday.
    Take care

  11. Thinking about you and your family, hoping all are well, safe and dry.


    PS Love your new room too!

  12. I've been seeing videos of the flash flooding there in Toowoomba, and I'm praying that it didn't affect you!

    We'll all breathe easier once we hear from you again!

  13. Mandy Ive been thinking about you and your family since yesterday, hope everything is okay.