Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stranded but safe...........

We are all Ok here.....
Above is my little river, and below is how it usually looks.

It is the same place believe it or not. Some of the photos are not that clear as the are taken on my phone..

Above is taken from my front veranda and below is a close up of the tank near the creek and how far it came up.

Below you can see the creek has reached my front fence. All that water near the trees is across the road where the kids ride there bikes.
So yes the creek came all the way up to my house the highest this has ever been....

Below the creek in my yard at the rental house across the road. Taken from my veranda

Below here is the creek Tuesday afternoon.

It is still a raging mess and this bridge is also unpassable.

I am so thankful we are all OK here. We have no power or phone and they may be out for weeks. All my children are safe and extended family are safe.

I cannot get out as every bridge and crossing here has been wiped out...

There used to be a bridge here into Helidon...

This is our main road out and this bridge is not to good....Robbie said he can put me on the back of the motor bike and we can jump it.....I will pass on that.
So no way in and no way out...
We have a generator that we can run the fridge freezer and inter net on ...I am a person that likes candles so we are fine there, and our drinking warer is good as we have tank water.....
Will post again when I can charce my computer.....
Blessings to all


  1. Thank God, we have all been SO worried. Thanks for letting us know, I will email soon my internet is in & out.
    PS- This is the BEST blog post I have ever ever read.

  2. Great relief to hear you are all safe.


  3. Wonderful news, Mandy, particularly as you are in the Helidon area.
    With love and blessings,

  4. Fabulous news considering where you are. I'd definitely pass on the sky jump - not sure the name Evil Mandy suits you lol
    Take care

  5. Glad to hear you are ok. Was wondering earlier & was going to email you. Pinched the computer for a few minutes to do so & then saw your blog post. Hugs,

  6. I am so glad you are all ok and it is very worrying for everyone in your area. Take care

  7. That is such good news, we were so worried about you all.

    What a big relief to read this Mandy.

    God bless and take care,


  8. Mandy,
    So relieved to hear you're all OK. You've been on my mind all day! Hope you have enough food and other supplies to last until you find a way to make it out!!

  9. Mandy thank GOD you are all ok !!! We are such worry warts but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you all. Let me know if there is anything we can do ( even throwing food supplies over the gap in the bridge!!!!)

    Very teary glad you are safe.



  10. PS: Love the bedroom and the ensuite - it is fabulous!!!

  11. Very releived to hear you and your family are all okay Mandy. Take care in the heart breaking conditions everyone in Queensland have been caught up in. Our thoughts are with you.

  12. Yay! Thank God you are all okay! I've been worrying too, stalking all your friends/family on facebook trying to find word about you.

    So glad you're just a bit soggy but managing in all this shit that Mother Nature is throwing at you. May your candles burn brightly, stay safe -


    If I could, I'd make you a lasagne or an apricot chicken and a chocolate cake and some scones - but I can't! :)

  13. So glad to hear you are all ok. We have seen such horrific scenes on tv. Not too much of Queensland left untouched. It is going to be a long recovery for us all.

  14. Stay safe. There will be alot of clean up and rebuilding.

  15. Already been on FB but Glad that you are all OK...

  16. Thank God your okay I was only just talking about you to a friend who's friend and her family from your area were listed as missing and my friend finally just got news that they are safe and I thought I had better check your blog. So relived to hear from you. Stay safe

  17. The flooding in Australia has been on the news everyday here in the states. Horrible. Glad you and your family are safe.