Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Are Thankful...........

I got to town yesterday..But not this way...I can only get out by 4wD so I got a lift with Bruce and he was able to get me in to Toowoomba. Wishing now I hadn't sold Greg's 4WD...hmmmmm
My business is fine and the water was only meters away from coming in. The road was all washed away out the front of my workshop, but the wonderful Toowoomba council have already fixed it. It is going to take along time to rebuild our beautiful town but the people here are strong and hard workers.

I woke up this morning to the power being restored.....How I don't know if you had of seen the state of the power lines and poles you would think that energex are miracle workers. When I turned the light on in the pantry this is what greeted me. Above, as the pantry is dark things have been dumped and pulled out, my goodness what a mess.

The kitchen has been the hub of the home the last week, leads running every way food on counters as it was to dark to see in cupboards.....
But here we have been blessed,
we have a generator and had power to run the small fridge and lights,
my daughter Chloe was not at Grantham when the water hit,
my sister in law was stranded in Toowoomba when the wall of water went through Murphy's Creek.
Yes we have alot to be thankful for. Please keep the people of Grantham in your prayers as the SES try to get in and recover the bodies wedged under the bridge still in there cars. Pray for those still trying to find there loved ones.
For the 100s of people here that have nothing left.

Yes the Storey's are blessed and we are thankful, we are all safe and are able to continue living in our home....


  1. Thanks Mandy for your update & Glad to hear the Business is OK...
    Your were Lucky Indeed and Good to hear all the Kids are Safe...
    take care...

  2. You were indeed lucky as was your family, there are a lot of others that weren't so blessed. It was so heartbreaking just watching it all happen, one town after another.

  3. Blessings to you, Mandy & family!

    Wow, so lucky not to have the business damaged and I was worried about Chloe in Grantham (saw on fb thats where she lived)!

    We whinge about power companies and local councils but in dire situations they seem to come through which is fantastic. At least with power you can keep food, which must be so frustrating for those who are without power.

    We are thinking of you and all of Queensland as we watch updates on TV. So very sad for those who have lost the lot and loved ones.

    Love, Joolz


  4. Yes Mandy it does sound like you have been the lucky ones. God was on your side that terrible day.

    So pleased to hear the good news that all your family are safe and well, especially Chloe.

    The devastation that has hit this country is unbelievable.

    Take care,


  5. so glad to hear that you all are ok :o)

  6. Good tohear you and your family are safe :0)
    Take care xo

  7. Oh my, your family right in the midst of the worst hit area, and all safe, what a miracle, an awesome wonderful blessing.
    Love and Blessings, Jan

  8. Praise God that you were kept safe.