Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curtain Remake.............

The curtains all finally all up...
This was a major expense for me but I think it was well worth it..
Even though the posts need to come down the curtains have given this room continuance.

Remember before?
Being that this space used to be four separate rooms(lounge, dinning, front entry and 2 bedrooms) I had a real variety of curtains. In there own rooms they looked great, hmmmmmm altogether, not so good. Very busy....

At first I wasn't sure if i liked them ....Very plain for me as I love colour. After a day though I love them.
I have never bought curtains before I have always made them, so it was quite frightening when I saw the price of curtains.

I liked the look of the rings in the top. To by this material was $29 a metre from spot light and I still had to make them. The ones I got are just from K Mart....Yes K Mart a shop I never really look at but I was getting desperate and remembered I had seen curtains there..Well they were only $25 and they are 1.2 metres wide.....HA cheaper and ready to hang.

As you can see I needed alot of curtains.
12 in all.
hmmmmm still short. They just weren't full enough I thought, so back to K Mart..........None left.
No worries don't panic...Back to spotlight as I had seen the patterned curtains that I liked only they were a lot dearer. I got four of the patterned ones at $50 each and put one in the centre of each window....

Above is with all the curtains opened and you can see how many windows are in this room. I had to have block out material as the morning sun streams in through this side.
I did get new rods as the old white ones were horrid. $150 for rods and brackets....
$240 for curtains from K mart
$ 200 for curtains from spotlight
$150 for rods
Just as well I like them. Friends have been telling me this is not expensive for much do you pay for your curtains?
I think this room has come together nicely, yes it still needs to be painted and the beams taken down. This might take a while as the builder is very busy with rebuilding from the flood damage. But for now I am very happy with it.

One last photo.
O while getting curtains I saw this mat for only $30 it looks much better than the blue one I had there, and the basket is for storing magazine's in. Baskets hmmmm I could do a whole blog on them loving them at the moment for storage.



  1. It certainly looks so much better and you won't know yourself when the posts are removed and the room is painted.

  2. Hi Mandy, your new curtains look great. That was alot of curtains to buy, i think you chose well. Can't wait to see the room when the posts are removed and it's painted. I love seeing your home evolving. There is alot of love there.

  3. The curtains look great and will last you for years and any colour will gow ith them ,so if you change your colour sheme you can still keep them...well done...

  4. Your New Curtains are Really Lovely and well worth the Costs...I Love Neutrals so I Love these...they really set off the colour of the walls...

  5. Lovely make-over as usual. Did I spy a screen door still attached to those beams?

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Haha it does look like there is still adoor there, but no thees not Joolz..
    Thanks girls for the comments, it is Sunday morning now and I wish this room still looked that clean.....