Friday, February 4, 2011

Fridays at Home..............

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have been on here..
A very busy 2 weeks with the children back at school, and the bus run in full swing again. It has taken a while to get into a routine, now that I am at the workshop all the time. One thing I have realized is that I needed help. (No not the head kind of help) Work help......I now have Alanah working with me. She is doing a great job and we work well together. Alanah is at the workshop full time. This leaves me to come and go as I need to, I am here for the younger children when they get home from school and am free to be there for them. They were missing me not being here and I was missing them....It will take a while to get things working for us, so far though this is working.Last night Robbie and I had meet and greet with his year 8 teachers, they all love him of course. He is very much like his big brother at school, always pushes the boundaries but never gets in to much trouble, must be the Storey charm I think?
After sitting in my puddle of sweat for a couple of hours I decided it was time for retail therapy.
Of to air conditioned shops we went....I couldn,t leave this mat there only $5 so I got 2 for my kitchen...Ahem, I also got 2 pairs of shoes, a skirt, a dress, belt, top O and some baby clothes.( I can't say why other than they were cute)

Did I feel better for this shopping spree...To be honest YES....sorry wrong answer but it was fun, Alanah was with me as well and she got lots of bargains for her glory box as she is planning on moving out this year.

What I was really looking for was curtains. I am slightly obsessed with curtains at the moment. As you can see in the above and below photos(sorry they are so dark) now that I have opened up this area, none of the curtains match.
The yellow ones need to be block out, as this side gets all the hot morning sun. I am thinking of just going with plain whit curtains for all of these windows.
Any ideas...This will all be painted white as well when the building is finished so I,m not sure if it will be to much white.

My chandelier has finally gone up in the bathroom , it is a smaller version of the bedroom one. I love them both as they are something I always wanted.

Today I am staying home as the electricians are here finishing of the power points.
I am staying inside as it is way to hot to be outside. I am going to do some sewing as I am making my niece school uniforms....
Have a great week end


  1. I love your new bathroom with the crystal chandelier, it's beautiful, dreamy, white on white with pattern.

    I know you enjoy it.


  2. I can relate to the shops and the airconditioning, though the ones that save on airconditioning are not nice. Love the Cornishware. I am very impressed that your daughter is working for you, sounds like a great idea. On Thursday I was at the shops was very disappointed with my lack of cash, so not sure I got anything for myself, not even a nice lunch. Never mind, better luck next time.

  3. I can relate to the reatil thereapy if only for the air con :0)
    I love the chandeliers they are so pretty