Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday & Holidays

Happy Birthday


Today my youngest daughter is 15

Have a great day Cass bass.

Now back to the holiday..
We spent 2 days in Hoi An doing some serious shopping, I had shoes made, clothes made and bought about ammmm 9 handbags cough cough yes 9....

Then it was on to Sapa.

We flew to Hanoi than the overnight train to Sapa. So amazing here, the hills and Fields of rice . We stayed at Topas Eco Lodge, which over looks the hills. Getaway was there at the same time doing a show.

The first day we hiked 16kms up and down, up and down then up and down again.


Not the best picture but at least I am standing cause by this time the legs were pretty well jelly.

I loved the hiking though, seeing so much and walking through all the villages, and meeting the locals.

After 3 days in Sapa it was back on the overnight train to Hanoi.

Below we are having tea all local produce from our walk about in Sapa, and even the wine was local.

From Hanoi we flew to Halong Bay.
Here we boarded our boat(junk) and cruised around these islands for 3 days.

We saw fish farms, pearl farms, did some kayaking through the caves.

More hiking, and cave walking. Some big caves were around this bay. They were beautiful, walking through them was like being in another world.

But now I am home and haven't even had time to blog I have been so busy. This long weekend though I am going to get into the vege garden, as it is comming along well...

I hope you all enjoy your weekend,



  1. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY Cassandra!

    You photos are amazing. Vietnam seems to be a very pretty place...a different lifestyle to what we are used to!


  2. What great and interesting photos, Mandy.
    Happy Birthday to Cassie.