Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is my first daytime look at Ho Chi Min City.

A lady out picking her herbs and watering her garden.

Buildings as far as the eye can see.. There were roof top gardens every where, the Vietnamese people use every available space for there herbs and vegs. The building are very narrow, even the houses in the cities are narrow and 3-4 stories high.

We were soon on a bus and drove for 4 hours, sorry not a lot of good photos as I had my nose to the window and I am sure my mouth was open.....staring.....I can't begin to describe the traffic, scooters every where not many cars just scooters, and all beeping at one another.

Once we got to the Mekong Delta we went to have a look along the river and to see the floating markets. From the back we have Alison, Amanda, Bronwyn, myself and Raylene. They were the funniest girls you could go on a trip with.
Frogs any one.....yum yum. The food as I said was different, these frogs were for sale at the markets. We never had the chance to try any though, but on our first night we did eat rat, yes girls I did say rat... They assured us as it was a rice paddy rat it was clean......hmmmmm tasted like quail any way.
The size of the Mekong Delta is amazing, people living and trading on the water.
A city on the water....Below all these boats are floating markets, and peoples homes, like the scooters only on water.

This building below is a fish farm. The fish are underneath and they live and work in the house. We saw these all along the Mekong Delta....
This is just my first day in Vietnam....

Below is our home stay cook, we all got in and cooked the rat, fish, veges and made spring rolls.

I enjoyed being in the home stay and getting to know the family.

What an introduction I had on the first day, I went on a bus, boat,scooter and in the evening we went push bike ridding around the village.

I hope I don't bore you to much with my trip, but there is more to come so stay tuned.



  1. Wow...I love the tour even though I am not there. To me, seeing homes, gardening, and off the way places make a community/country come alive! Thanks for the amazing peek!


  2. It feels quite surreal, as though you are just dropped into their lives, doesn't it? I had the same feeling when we went to India - so many sights, tastes and sounds to take in, quite amazing how others live. Really enjoying your pics and commentary,

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. I don't think I would be a very good guest--cuz I don't think I'd be able to eat the rat, frogs, snake or whatever else was in that skillet. I think you are one very brave woman, Mandy!

    And your account and pics are not boring at all!

  4. i have said it before you lost me at the rat what the....