Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Time.............

Left to right...Alanah, Cassie, Jessica, Me, Chloe.

What a wonderful weekend I had with my four girls.

Jessica came in from Roma on Thursday for the week end, so there was lots of girly time together. When the girls were younger I always hoped that I would have the same relationship with them as I did with my Mum. I do. We all get along well, OK we do tease Alanah a bit, but isn't there one you always tease more cause she bites so wel????. Well that's Alanah, mind you she likes to dish it out as well.

Friday we had Jess's doctor appointment in the morning then met with Chloe for some shopping, looking at baby things of course. Jessica is looking very interesting as her grand dad would say, she is now 21weeks.......I don't know how I'm going to last another 19 weeks never mind Jess. Friday night we all went out to tea to a local restaurant for tea, then of to the movies to see Something Borrowed.

Thank you girls for nursing home memory....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The vege patch......

Welcome to the vegepatch... I found these pots in Bunnings for only $20 each...had to have them, then I had to get something to put in them, bay tree in one and a mandarin tree in the other. I love the rustic look of them against the corrugated iron.

The 4 beds above and below are all planted up. Where the trellis is I have climbing beans and carrots.(purple dragon) I also have artichokes and asparagus planted in the bed beside that one.
Onions in the middle one(pearl drop & purplette) The last bed has potatoes.

Below is an over all shot of all the beds...7 in all.

(above is the artichokes and asparagus)

With all the leaves around the compost bins are almost full already.

As I walk into the vege patch, hopefully the sink will go up this weekend.

I put pots on all the star pickets, as they looked a bit dangerous especially with 2 boys out there skylarking about.

I have brought up the hay to mulch with when the plants get a bit bigger.

below...along the fence the strawberries are planted. These where all free on the side of the road. What a great spot this is for them,I can already see this bed full of large ripe strawberries.

Below is the fence you see from the road, I have planted sweet peas here. That old tank is going and a new will go in it's place.

I am so happy with my vege patch, this is a garden that has been along time coming, but was defiantly worth the wait....

I hope you enjoyed looking.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Home Day...

Yesterday was a day of spending with Family.

I had 5 of my 7 children home for Mothers Day which was great.

We had a barbque breakfast on the veranda as the sun was shinning and the weather was great.

Thank you for a wonderful day kiddos.

Today I am staying home.

I don't get to have many days at home any more, so yesterday I decided I was going to get my home cleaned.

Both bathrooms have been cleaned, I am going to have to do something with the family bathroom soon as it is getting grungy..Looks OK with the shower curtain pulled though.

Floors have all been vacuumed and moped.
Laundry scrubbed and washing done. Always plenty of that to do after the week end.

I am enjoying being home and just being Mum. I miss the days when I was always home. So when I can catch a day here alone I tend to wish for what was shed a few tears and wish for the days that were Hmmm probably a good thing I am not home alone to

When the house work is finished, I am hoping to get out into the garden, there has been rain falling all day. Hopefully after lunch I will get out there to plant some seeds.

Blessing to all


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vege Garden Update....

Whew what a busy week end.....

The garden beds are all finished though after a weekend of hard work....Thanks Bruce and crew.

The rock retainer wall was made from rocks laying around the paddocks and when all finished will look good I think....

Thanks Damien.

The Crew.....

My hard working boys. They worked

all day Monday shovelling the wonderful soil mix into the garden

beds. The promise of pizza for tea helped of corse.

Thanks William and Robbie.

Hmmmm rest time.

Why aren't I in any

of the pics you ask, site manager and

photographer was my heading...

Don't worry I worked, lots of rubbish and raking to do all around the area.
Thinking I might have to paint the old shed wall though. What do you think?

Also setting up a potting table, found this old table in the shed it will do the trick for a while.

We never got the fence up so that will be this week ends jobs.

Now to fill the beds with lots of veges..

I'm of to see what you all got up to over the week end. Yes I do realize it is Wednesday night, no I don't know where this week has gone....

Blessings to all


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking good............

How is your weekend going?

My arms feel as if my knuckles are dragging on the ground!!! Seriously all that wheelbarrowing arghhhh. Thankfully I have help otherwise it would take me all month to get it done.

Help in the way of 4 13yo boys having a sleep over. Yes thats right Robbies mates come to stay and I put them to work. Slave labour, no smart thinking, as they moved all the sleepers into place. Thank you boys.

Three garden beds are full of soil and I have already planted one up. Cucumbers, eggplant, Bok chow and purple broccoli. I was also given herbs by a friend that is working at a plant nursery, so these have all gone into pots especially the 3 mints as I don't want them growing wild. The pots add some color around the backdoor.

Today fencing....and more wheelbarrowing