Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Time.............

Left to right...Alanah, Cassie, Jessica, Me, Chloe.

What a wonderful weekend I had with my four girls.

Jessica came in from Roma on Thursday for the week end, so there was lots of girly time together. When the girls were younger I always hoped that I would have the same relationship with them as I did with my Mum. I do. We all get along well, OK we do tease Alanah a bit, but isn't there one you always tease more cause she bites so wel????. Well that's Alanah, mind you she likes to dish it out as well.

Friday we had Jess's doctor appointment in the morning then met with Chloe for some shopping, looking at baby things of course. Jessica is looking very interesting as her grand dad would say, she is now 21weeks.......I don't know how I'm going to last another 19 weeks never mind Jess. Friday night we all went out to tea to a local restaurant for tea, then of to the movies to see Something Borrowed.

Thank you girls for nursing home memory....


  1. What great GIRL TIME!!
    You have your own cast of party members. Love that! Fun seeing the photo of all of you!!!
    I'm wanting to see that movie too!!

  2. How lovely you all got to spend some time together, your girls are gorgeous. A lady at a local coffee shop here said to us the other day that it was lovely that my daughters and I often did things together, it is nice or maybe we just spend too much time at the coffee shop lol

  3. Enjoy! Girlfriends feed your soul...and refresh your energy!!