Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking good............

How is your weekend going?

My arms feel as if my knuckles are dragging on the ground!!! Seriously all that wheelbarrowing arghhhh. Thankfully I have help otherwise it would take me all month to get it done.

Help in the way of 4 13yo boys having a sleep over. Yes thats right Robbies mates come to stay and I put them to work. Slave labour, no smart thinking, as they moved all the sleepers into place. Thank you boys.

Three garden beds are full of soil and I have already planted one up. Cucumbers, eggplant, Bok chow and purple broccoli. I was also given herbs by a friend that is working at a plant nursery, so these have all gone into pots especially the 3 mints as I don't want them growing wild. The pots add some color around the backdoor.

Today fencing....and more wheelbarrowing



  1. Love what you're doing with your garden, but I am confused. Other bloggers in Australia are writing about Autumn. Here in the US, most of us are cleaning out the garden beds to put them to sleep. You're planting! You must have very mild winters.

  2. I meant, we're cleaning out the gardens in Autumn to get them ready for winter. We don't plant until spring.

  3. you are amazing thanks heavens for small boys hey
    the yard is looking great