Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vege Garden Update....

Whew what a busy week end.....

The garden beds are all finished though after a weekend of hard work....Thanks Bruce and crew.

The rock retainer wall was made from rocks laying around the paddocks and when all finished will look good I think....

Thanks Damien.

The Crew.....

My hard working boys. They worked

all day Monday shovelling the wonderful soil mix into the garden

beds. The promise of pizza for tea helped of corse.

Thanks William and Robbie.

Hmmmm rest time.

Why aren't I in any

of the pics you ask, site manager and

photographer was my heading...

Don't worry I worked, lots of rubbish and raking to do all around the area.
Thinking I might have to paint the old shed wall though. What do you think?

Also setting up a potting table, found this old table in the shed it will do the trick for a while.

We never got the fence up so that will be this week ends jobs.

Now to fill the beds with lots of veges..

I'm of to see what you all got up to over the week end. Yes I do realize it is Wednesday night, no I don't know where this week has gone....

Blessings to all



  1. Only one thing better than an empty veggie bed and that's a full veggie bed.

  2. i quite like the rustic look of the shed. Paint would look bright and cheerful though!

    We are planning on making vege gardens this weekend. Lets hope for good weather so lots of work can happen.