Sunday, June 5, 2011

Along the pathways.....

Sitting on the veranda catching up on blogland, hmmmmm what a nice start to Sunday morning. I hope you had a nice start to your morning as well.

Then the garden started beckoning to me.

All nicely mulched for winter, but looking a little drab..I would like to put an entry way to this section of the garden.

Where Molly is standing is the path, I'm thinking post and rail fence either side and an arch to make a real entry.

A tree house for the boys is also down here.

This is the rain forest section of the garden and there is a few paths meandering around.

I love walking down here, every thing is a bit messy and over grown at the moment thoughLets go up to the Old Dairy and see what is happening.

Can you see any thing new?

When it is all finished I will show you....

Enjoy your Sunday




  1. I like your rain forest and its meandering paths! Nice!

  2. I think the path to the Old Dairy is pretty just the way it is. Overgrown and all.

  3. A beautiful place to be. No wonder you spend time there.