Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do I drink to much wine..

That got your attention didn't it!!!

I have been keeping all my wine bottles and decided I needed to find a use for them.

What about a granny flat out the back?

and in the garden I could plant some bottle trees.

A pathway to the front gate, maybe?

A Christmas tree....
Most of the wine bottles are green so this maybe a goer.

Edging around the gardens?

I got it! a retainer wall wall in the vege garden, with a tower to look out over my kigdom.

To much to think about I'll just sit here a while to decide.

I may just have to go with the bottle trees I think.

Because one thing is for certain, I don't have enough bottles for a house. Maybe I just need to drink more...

Enjoy your day



  1. What great ideas! I love the Christmas tree the best!

    Cheers! - Joolz

  2. Love this post sweetie,thanks for making us smile...lets all drink to that!

  3. Enjoyed all the photos.
    Enjoy drinking towards your future project. :-)

  4. Wow, had I known there were so many good uses for wine bottles, I'd have saved all mine. Guess I'll just have to get busy, hmmm. Cheers!

  5. LOL!!! great ideas there. Keep drinking :)

  6. The Christmas tree is my favorite! I have been saving ideas for wine bottles myself...emailing some to you via the email address in your profile.