Saturday, June 25, 2011

End Of Term.......

The school holidays have arrived.

It has been a long tiring term, looking forward to no early morning lunch making and running to catch school buses.

Today Cassie has left for Coloundra with her cousins for a week, so it is just the two boys and me at home. They will have to spend some time at the workshop with me each day but I will work shorter days. They are old enough to do some general cleaning in the shop for some spending money.

Tomorrow I am going to Brisbane for a girls day out with 2 of my daughters Chloe and Alanah. We are of to Ikea for the day. I am hoping that they have the POD chairs there as I have wanted one for so long. I can see one hanging on my veranda in the sun for early morning cuppas.

Thursday my quilt arrived from Vietanam.OOOOOOHHHHH
it looks just as I imagined. This quilt was all hand made by local village women and the money goes straight to them.

Well I'm heading outside to enjoy the sun on this beautiful winter day.
Enjoy your week end


  1. That quilt is beautiful!!
    Don't you just love to order something and it arrives exactly as you were expecting it too?!

    Enjoy your Girl's Day Out!
    Yea - no more school for a while!!

  2. Beautiful quilt! Did you order it while you were there or can one get it online? Enjoy your sopping trip to Ikea. I have never been to one, but would love to spend a few hours there!

  3. Mandy your quilt is beautiful. What a wonderful treasure of your trip. Hope you find your hanging chair, how lucky to have an Ikea. Have fun.