Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update on the Old Dairy Old.....

Work has been under way up at

The Old Dairy..
Remember this time last year when I had all the white ants in the house???Well they also ate the front wall out of the dairy....

I now have a nice front wall, still to be painted yet though.

Now if you compare The Old Dairy to the picture in the side bar you will see something else new.

Yep a little veranda. I think it makes the dairy look like a real little cottage. What do you think.

My Little old dairy has come a long way in the last two years that is for sure.

I hope you enjoyed the very quick update of

The Old Dairy

If you click on sewing room at the bottom of the post you can see all that has been done to the dairy.



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  1. Looks good, and so great you have been able to replace the wall,they are heartbreaking the white ants we had them too ,we were putting a sun room on the back for Mum and when they took up the posts there were the ants having a lovely time so an extra few dollars and thankfully a friend who is a termite man they are gone...somewhere..lol