Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Shower......

Welcome to Jessica's Baby Shower.
This post is a photo overload so be warned..
Jess's baby is due is 10 weeks so Alanah, Chloe and Cassie decided she needed a party. Alanah organized it all on her own. The cake and cup cakes she had especially made for the day. The cupcake had baby footprints on them and the booties on the cake were so well made.

I made a cake as well but mine didn't need any baking.
2 dozen cloth nappies, dmmies, teddy and teething ring and you have a
Nappy Cake.
Come in and have a look at the decorating I did to make this a special celebration you need lots of decorations.

A warm welcome at the front gate from teddy and an old highchairthat I love. I did buy the wooden blockes from K. Mart they will get lots of use in the years to come I am sure. They say
Baby shower welcome.
We set the cradle up at the entrance to the veranda as a place to put all the presents...Looks good as well. Cassandra made the baby shower sign and we placed it on the music stand.
Once inside I hang baby clothes up. These clothes then went to the Mother to be, such a cute trick to use baby clothes. The letter B came out from the bathroom for the day. B for baby.
Lots of pink, white and blue as this was the colors I was going for. I told Jess I even have the house painted in the right colors. hahahah
The table setting.
Here is Jessica, Chloe is hiding behind the post. We had a 30 people here, I am loving the new open plan of this room.( the builder is on his way to get rid of the posts yeh)
Alanah also ordered these Baby bottle candles as thank you gifts..
Another decorating idea...
I had a fun time cleaning up prams, highchairs, cradles and baby gear for this day. I didn't want to spend alot of money on decorations so I just used what I had.
A great way to give that real baby feel I thought.
I hope you enjoyed sharing the day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Moves On.

My youngest daughter Cassie of to her first day at work.....

and I wonder why I am feeling old these days?

Cassie is doing work experience with blue care at a local Home for the aged...She had her first day on Friday and enjoyed it so much. Lots of funny stories to tell at tea time. If they are pleased with Cass she will get a 12 month trainee ship there. Of course they will love her she is so funny and bubbly all the time... So my youngest girl is starting work and my eldest girl is starting a family.

I know I will be in trouble for showing this but I couldn't resist..The most beautiful baby bump ever. Jessica is still working and helping her partner start a new business so she is always busy.
It is a surreal feeling seeing your own child grown and about to start her own family.
But time keeps marching on and our babies grow up fall in love and have babies of there own.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beach Combing......

So little boys and dirty workshop all day wasn't working for me. Woke up Wednesday morning and thought lets go we did. We left about 3pm that afternoon a crazy day at work, doesn't that always happen, every thing that can go wrong does..Had a lovely relaxing time, the boys did lots of fishing with there Uncle and the girls and I went shopping (just like old times)

I just had to have this jacket. All hand made from vintage lace. I don't know where I will go to wear it though. I know when my Mum sees it she will go home and make one, and it will look better too. It does have some new material in it as well, the lace and dollies are just gorgeous.

I also got this handbag....Also made from vintage fabric and new leather. It is well known around these parts that I have a thing for handbags, but I think that this bag might be the ONE.. It is so soft and yummy, and big, the colours are just perfect as well. Yep it is the one..

Chloe and Damien, Alanah and Tristan also come down for the weekend. Chloe and I did the second hand shops. Her suggestion to go in and look ( I was so proud as finally one of my daughters enjoys second hand shops)

Chloe got some vases for her house and I got some great glass pieces. This vase is the perfect shape for a small bunch of flowers. The dish I will keep soap in I think in my bathroom.

This pink bowl is a real find as I have been after a new salad bowl and this will be perfect. Also another little dish.

6 of these English bread and butter plates.

I was so happy with my finds, O except the plates these were all in the one shop. I will have to get a photo of Chloe's goodies to show you.

The girls and I had a fun time at Ikea last week. We didn't really get any thing just had a nice time looking and dreaming.....

Well I'm back to work today, boys in tow.

Enjoy your week