Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Moves On.

My youngest daughter Cassie of to her first day at work.....

and I wonder why I am feeling old these days?

Cassie is doing work experience with blue care at a local Home for the aged...She had her first day on Friday and enjoyed it so much. Lots of funny stories to tell at tea time. If they are pleased with Cass she will get a 12 month trainee ship there. Of course they will love her she is so funny and bubbly all the time... So my youngest girl is starting work and my eldest girl is starting a family.

I know I will be in trouble for showing this but I couldn't resist..The most beautiful baby bump ever. Jessica is still working and helping her partner start a new business so she is always busy.
It is a surreal feeling seeing your own child grown and about to start her own family.
But time keeps marching on and our babies grow up fall in love and have babies of there own.


  1. Your girls are both soooo cute. Isn't it fun when there is so much happening in the family. It is such a lovely thing that your young bubbly daughter enjoys working with the elderly. Fantastic! And, what a fun time coming up when you get that first grandbaby. What pure joy you're soon to have. I'm happy for you. Loved seeing the photos.

  2. How lovely for both girls and life goes on doesn't it,this baby will bring you so much joy xx

  3. I'm sure all the "oldies" will love having a bright bubbly young one around.
    Congratulations on going to become a Grandma(or will you be a Nanna?)
    My eldest son got married last Saturday so I can relate to what you said about your babies growing up.

  4. Our two sons are grown, married with children of their own, and I look back and wonder where did the time go. Yes, life goes on and will continue, even after we are gone. You will just love being a Nana, if you aren't already.

  5. Congratulations to Cassie for her job and Jessica looks gorgeous. Lots happening in your household, lifes never boring is it.

  6. Onward and upwards from here Mandy. Congratulations to both of your girls and you too for raising such a wonderful family.