Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring is nearly here, the days are getting longer and warmer.
Tomorrow she will be here aghhhh
The hallway is all painted and the new glass doors installed. (above) is as you come into the the front door and looking down the hallway to my bedroom.
Above is taken from my bedroom door looking back to the front door. All is looking a little sterile at the moment though for my liking but once all the family photos go up again it will look so much better. I just can't bring myself to hammer nails into the new paintwork just yet though.
below is how the hallway looked before it got much nicer and brighter. With the new glass doors so much more light can get through to the bedrooms now.
Remember the blackboard paint?
Well I got in and painted the pantry door with it. We now have no excuse for forgetting anything as it all goes on the blackboard....
What do think?

Thanks for stopping by
I hope you have a great day

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Weekend away and some much needed RAIN....

Hello all on this wonderful wet Tuesday.
Waking up to a storm last night with lashings of lightning and pounding rain was a blessing. We are long over due for rain in our tanks and on our thirsty ground.

Guess where I went for a well needed long week end....the new tea towel is from there.
I have never stayed in Noosa before so we had a lovely time looking around. The we being Chloe Damien, Bruce and I . I must say that poor Chloe was sick of shopping by the end, but as it rained all week end there wasn't much else to do....
I did pick up some great bargins as every shop was having a sale. I got the new hanging baskets on the veranda from a junk shop there for only $12 each.. I filled them up with some plain old herring bone fern from the garden and they give the veranda a real lift.
I also got this cute bird cage for the dinning room table, it is not an old one but it is sweet. My favorite find was this photo frame below, it is quite large and made from old glass. I did pay $50 for it though, it was $79 so I did all right. The clock was $7 from the same shop as the hanging baskets.
Sunday the day we were coming home was sunny and perfect. We finely got out side and went to the the Noosa Farmers Markets.

This is Steve Waughs vege stand...Every stall at the markets was fresh food......I was in heaven, we got lots of goodies for a picnic for the way home.
After having sick choldren all week and then my self getting sick on Thursday, getting away child free was a blessing. All is well now and back to school and work...
Thank you for the kind comments and a big hello to my new followers, thanks for dropping by and saying hello...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nurse Mandy to you...........

Not much going on around here this week end as I am playing Nurse Mandy to one very sick 8 year old..
So the painting and renovating clothes are off and the nurses uniform is on...
Have a great week end

Friday, August 19, 2011

I think I'm High....

On paint fumes that is...
What were you thinking????The painter is finishing off the hall way and I'm floating from this to that..My head is spinning and my eyes are a watering....All for a good cause though. As you can see above even with the under coat on and my new doors it has made such a difference.
As soon as I am staying home with a sick boy today I have a project of my own..Any guesses the top and bottom photos should help.
And one more photo of my new dinning/lounge room...Or may be this should be named the family room now...
Have a wonderful week end..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Posts are Gone.......

It started with removing one room, the corner bedroom so that the kitchen at the back was opened up.
Then I thought Why not take the middle bedroom out and make it into one big living area. So I have gone in the last 12 mths to a 6 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house...
With one large bright living and dinning area.

Still the final touches to finish around the support beams near the ceiling need sheeting and holes under mats to fill in.
But it is starting to look just as I new it would all those months ago...
I hope you aren't sick of the reno posts just yet....
Have a great day

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Black and White Bedroom.......

Welcome to my elegant bedroom make over.
Remember this wall it used to be the door way to the kitchen.
It is such a large expanse of wall now and needed something simple, so I just got some $2 frames from the cheap shops and hang them there, I am pleased with this simple wall art.
Here is my new look bedroom in a very elegant Black and White theme. The whole room has been painted Antique White with Chalk painted on the trims, door and window frames.
I have long thought about a black and white theme for the bedroom, I am really pleased with the result.
I have used a lot of my accessories to decorate with,
handbags, scarves and shoes.
Beaded clutch purse, my favorite black shoes and a scarf to add a bit of glamor.
I also put a little touch of black into the ensuite so that both rooms flowed together.
Curtain, candle holder and a print brings it all to life.
I got this screen from Loot, I use it instead of a door on the ensuite as I don't want a door on there but sometimes it is nice to have privacy.

An old chair with a white slip cover on it.

above and below
Remember how it used to look...I am so pleased all that green is gone. I love my roses though and know that I will go back to my pretty rose theme again, but for now a change was in order.
I have moved the bed to under the window and the chair is now under the mirror.
A close up of my new candelabra also from Loot.
New things I got for the room
Lamp shades x 2
Cushion covers x 6
Throw for the bottom of the bed
Photo frames x 6
I had the curtains already and as I have already said I used what I had to decorate.
What do you think.
I am so happy with the new look bed room.
Let me now what you think?
To look at how it was before just click on bedrooms below and this will show you all posts.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What was I thinking?????????????

The builder is here....
Walls are coming down, ceiling are coming down.
Beams are out.
Now we have one big mess...

O did I mention holes in the floor....
I am sure it is going to get better....
Keep posted for updates...

Monday, August 8, 2011


Friday was spent having lots of fun with my youngest William at under 8s day in Gatton.
Much painting and craft to do and ridding in the fireman's truck.
Sadly though this is my last under 8s day. William is growing way to fast and will be to old next year....We will have to find something else to do instead.
Around the home front it has been a busy week end......
I am finely getting the bedrooms painted.....
1st is my bedroom..Yes that is it above. I am camping on the fold out sofa in the family room while it is being painted.

New doors on the hallway went up over the week end and also the skirting boards in the hallway as it is the next room to be painted. I am putting the wide skirting boards all through the house as each room gets done. There was only D moulding around the bottom of the walls before.
Good bye to the Heritage green and red and hello to Antique White. Even with the under coat on my room is looking so much brighter, I can't wait until it is finished.
O and the builder rang and said he will be here this week. 8months I've been waiting and he has to come when the painter is here! Never mind I am pleased every thing is coming together...
What did you get up to on the week end?