Monday, August 15, 2011

A Black and White Bedroom.......

Welcome to my elegant bedroom make over.
Remember this wall it used to be the door way to the kitchen.
It is such a large expanse of wall now and needed something simple, so I just got some $2 frames from the cheap shops and hang them there, I am pleased with this simple wall art.
Here is my new look bedroom in a very elegant Black and White theme. The whole room has been painted Antique White with Chalk painted on the trims, door and window frames.
I have long thought about a black and white theme for the bedroom, I am really pleased with the result.
I have used a lot of my accessories to decorate with,
handbags, scarves and shoes.
Beaded clutch purse, my favorite black shoes and a scarf to add a bit of glamor.
I also put a little touch of black into the ensuite so that both rooms flowed together.
Curtain, candle holder and a print brings it all to life.
I got this screen from Loot, I use it instead of a door on the ensuite as I don't want a door on there but sometimes it is nice to have privacy.

An old chair with a white slip cover on it.

above and below
Remember how it used to look...I am so pleased all that green is gone. I love my roses though and know that I will go back to my pretty rose theme again, but for now a change was in order.
I have moved the bed to under the window and the chair is now under the mirror.
A close up of my new candelabra also from Loot.
New things I got for the room
Lamp shades x 2
Cushion covers x 6
Throw for the bottom of the bed
Photo frames x 6
I had the curtains already and as I have already said I used what I had to decorate.
What do you think.
I am so happy with the new look bed room.
Let me now what you think?
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  1. I love it - very chic! I especially like the candelabra and chandelier in the bathroom. You must be so pleased.


  2. Wow what a difference it has made. I like it!

    You have done well Mandy...

  3. It is very Chic..just so fresh looking,bet you can't wait to get in there.

  4. That is so elegant, I love the way you used your scarves and shoes to decorate. I'm sure it will be a nice refuge for you xx

  5. Wow!
    You are rockin' that black & white theme, Mandi. It's too pretty to sleep in and disturb the bed. LOL You are gonna enjoy it, for sure. Very elegant.

  6. Wow, Mandy! I love it!!! Black and white is so clean and crisp. When you need a change, all you have to do is add a pop of turquoise or red or pink, and it takes on color right away. Lovely!

  7. Wow Mandy, your new bedroom is stunning. Makes me want to change mine.

  8. A wonderful room and a wonderful restful place for you to relax and chill out in. Beautiful.

  9. Wow your bedroom looks so lovely,very nice! you must be pleased.