Monday, August 8, 2011


Friday was spent having lots of fun with my youngest William at under 8s day in Gatton.
Much painting and craft to do and ridding in the fireman's truck.
Sadly though this is my last under 8s day. William is growing way to fast and will be to old next year....We will have to find something else to do instead.
Around the home front it has been a busy week end......
I am finely getting the bedrooms painted.....
1st is my bedroom..Yes that is it above. I am camping on the fold out sofa in the family room while it is being painted.

New doors on the hallway went up over the week end and also the skirting boards in the hallway as it is the next room to be painted. I am putting the wide skirting boards all through the house as each room gets done. There was only D moulding around the bottom of the walls before.
Good bye to the Heritage green and red and hello to Antique White. Even with the under coat on my room is looking so much brighter, I can't wait until it is finished.
O and the builder rang and said he will be here this week. 8months I've been waiting and he has to come when the painter is here! Never mind I am pleased every thing is coming together...
What did you get up to on the week end?


  1. Love that beautiful chandelier in your room. Mmmm Pretty!

    What fun you and William had. You can see the "happy" in his eyes!

    It's all gonna be so nice when the project is finished. Can't wait to see my photos!

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