Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Posts are Gone.......

It started with removing one room, the corner bedroom so that the kitchen at the back was opened up.
Then I thought Why not take the middle bedroom out and make it into one big living area. So I have gone in the last 12 mths to a 6 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house...
With one large bright living and dinning area.

Still the final touches to finish around the support beams near the ceiling need sheeting and holes under mats to fill in.
But it is starting to look just as I new it would all those months ago...
I hope you aren't sick of the reno posts just yet....
Have a great day


  1. Mandy for one never tire of hearing all about your reno's...bring it on!

  2. I love seeing all the changes and reading about your plans. The changes are looking very nice!!