Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring is nearly here, the days are getting longer and warmer.
Tomorrow she will be here aghhhh
The hallway is all painted and the new glass doors installed. (above) is as you come into the the front door and looking down the hallway to my bedroom.
Above is taken from my bedroom door looking back to the front door. All is looking a little sterile at the moment though for my liking but once all the family photos go up again it will look so much better. I just can't bring myself to hammer nails into the new paintwork just yet though.
below is how the hallway looked before it got much nicer and brighter. With the new glass doors so much more light can get through to the bedrooms now.
Remember the blackboard paint?
Well I got in and painted the pantry door with it. We now have no excuse for forgetting anything as it all goes on the blackboard....
What do think?

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  1. The hall is beautiful and bright, so cheerful!! I am enjoying seeing all the changes you are making...Seeing this reminds me how badly I need to paint our hallway.

  2. The paint jib is fantastic! it looks so fresh and clean,we are going to paint one day...we bought the paint last August...maybe in the spring...just around the corner..

  3. Mandy, I absolutely LOVE your new hallway! And so perfect for spring and summertime. Fresh and clean and cool looking. Good job!

  4. Oh Mandy, Your hallway looks so lovely and bright and airy now. I can't wait to see the photos up. I hear you about the holes in the new paint job but you have to be brave sometime:)Our first day of Spring brought rain (much needed, so no complaints)and icy, windy weather. Oh well, I plan to spend the weekend bringing Spring indoors anyway. God bless xx

  5. The passage looks so bright and breezy, really great!