Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Weekend away and some much needed RAIN....

Hello all on this wonderful wet Tuesday.
Waking up to a storm last night with lashings of lightning and pounding rain was a blessing. We are long over due for rain in our tanks and on our thirsty ground.

Guess where I went for a well needed long week end....the new tea towel is from there.
I have never stayed in Noosa before so we had a lovely time looking around. The we being Chloe Damien, Bruce and I . I must say that poor Chloe was sick of shopping by the end, but as it rained all week end there wasn't much else to do....
I did pick up some great bargins as every shop was having a sale. I got the new hanging baskets on the veranda from a junk shop there for only $12 each.. I filled them up with some plain old herring bone fern from the garden and they give the veranda a real lift.
I also got this cute bird cage for the dinning room table, it is not an old one but it is sweet. My favorite find was this photo frame below, it is quite large and made from old glass. I did pay $50 for it though, it was $79 so I did all right. The clock was $7 from the same shop as the hanging baskets.
Sunday the day we were coming home was sunny and perfect. We finely got out side and went to the the Noosa Farmers Markets.

This is Steve Waughs vege stand...Every stall at the markets was fresh food......I was in heaven, we got lots of goodies for a picnic for the way home.
After having sick choldren all week and then my self getting sick on Thursday, getting away child free was a blessing. All is well now and back to school and work...
Thank you for the kind comments and a big hello to my new followers, thanks for dropping by and saying hello...


  1. Mandy,
    I love all your finds, especially that beautiful frame!!
    So nice to get some much needed rain. We are in a drought here and would love to get some rain...Glad everyone at your house is feeling better.

  2. Glad you had a well deserved break.Lovely finds,very envious lol,bless you Mandy you did well.