Thursday, October 20, 2011

Before and After....

Morning all, I wanted to share some before and afters with you. Lets start with the kids bathroom. Since I have been so totally lost in my new bathroom (above) and yes I still walk in there and sigh......Well the kiddos room has been on a grungy scale of 1-10 ...91/2 aghhh. It was so bad that I just didn't go in the room. But when in Roma I thought this would make a great soap bar holder...I love this jar might have to get Jess to get me another one I think. How one little thing can influence you to redo a room...This jar did just that.
Are you ready for this?????
Below the kids bathroom
or room of grunge as I call it...
Now as I tend to be a little compulsive I decided yesterday after work was the day to revamp this room.(had to use my new jar) So out came the vinegar and washed walls and ceiling...Took the shelf down and put up some curtains...
What do you think???
Looks much better doesn't it?
I just need to paint it now.
This corner below has me stumped though.
I have so many towels but they are all old, I'm thinking if I just got plain white towels to start. Any ideas at all. I thought maybe a chair??
I love how putting up curtains and moving some furniture makes a cheap difference to a room, any room.
Below is the shelf next to the bath/shower..I used the enamel wear to pretty it up. The potty to hold shampoos and stuff and some flowers to give some color.
Yes I'm loving this cabinet in here...
I put glass wear in here to keep it all light and bright. So that's the kids bathroom face lift...
Now on to their bedrooms.
The boys room....
Why I ask myself did it take so long for me to get it painted?It is so much lighter and brighter now, and the floors..they make the room....If I could just leave it bare like this... But alas children need to move back in..This will be the week ends job...
we move right along to Cassie's bedroom...Time for it to get painted..
Say hello to Neville. I asked him if I could take a before photo with him in it to put on my blog?answer very dumb look with nodding of head.....hahaa I better explain when I get home what a blog is.(and yes I'm blogging at work)
This room will be the last to get redone...It has been 13 yrs since I have done any thing to this room, so the carpet will come up and it to will be painted white...
Also I'm thinking of giving the boys this bigger room and Cassie the other one....I wonder how she will take that????
I hope you enjoyed my before and afters...any ideas on that corner of the bathroom are very welcome..
Enjoy your day


  1. Gee whiz you must have lots of energy - all that moving around! Can't wait to see the finished rooms then a full tour is in order. Love the white.


  2. Hi Mandy, as well as making the rooms feel fresh and spiffy it is doing the same to your soul, wonderful what freshening up the nest can I need to get a bit of your energy and perhaps do a little great job..

  3. Beautiful transformations in all the rooms! Can't wait to see the final product when you have painted. What colour were you thinking of? How about an old wooden stool for the corner area, or one of those ladders that you can prop up against the wall and fold your towels over the rungs? Love the jar of soap. I would have bought more than one too! God bless x

  4. Karen has some great ideas! And I think your idea of plain white towels would be a wonderful contrast. They would tie in with the sink top, shower curtains, white cupboard, etc. But,in a kid's bathroom, I'm thinking they might not stay white for long.

    You are so creative, Mandy! A great inspiration to the rest of us.

  5. Loving it all Mandy. I absolutely heart those floors.