Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching up...

I'm still here....a little insane maybe but still here.
School is back today and the house is quiet and clean!!! It has been a crazy 2 weeks here with the kids home and trying to get all the book work done at work. Work has been crazy busy which is good..Alanah leaves for Thailand this week so we have been getting every thing up to date.. Eldest daughter Jess is in from Roma waiting....waiting for her little bub to be born..Poor Jess she just hanging around waiting...We all are.
In between all this I have been spending any spare time out in the garden, above and below are photos of the mulberry tree that had to get a good hair cut as it was shading the solar panels to much.
Speaking of haircuts last Thursday I took the kiddos to town to get the school holidays haircuts.. Now let me set the scene for you.....All three children are sitting in chairs doing there thing and I am trying to tell Robbie that that no he can not have a Footy cut...Why ? is asked because they look stupid I say while wondering to myself what the hell is a Footy cut is...and being thank full for 8 year old that still thinks short back and side are cool ( cause Mum said so) Any way horrible 13 year old calls out from other side of room....Hey Mum you should get a hair cut too and get a colour cause I can see the gray from here....All eyes swing to me as Robbie continues you should see Mum's hair when she is at home it is wild and all fizzy....My response to this....give the brat short back and sides!!!!!!!
and yes I did get a hair cut as well and when I got home I also put a colour in...Kids and they wonder why I was happy to see them go to school today.
Back to the garden..the place I go to chill out and gather my thoughts. The artichokes are doing there job above and keeping the lettuce shaded...Below we are still digging potatoes and carrots.
I am going to have to find some recipes for artichokes are there is a lot on the bushes. If you have any ideas please let me know.
I have been enjoying my early morning walks with the most amazing sunrises. Below doesn't do the sky justice as the sun was a bright red ball coming up over the mountains...I think the smoke in the air made it so red.
Below are the solar panels getting lots of sun now..and we still have plenty of mulberry's on the tree.
Hmmmm I think those blinds need a good scrub...might be a good job for a smart mouth 13 year old I think...

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  1. Nothing like a teenager to keep us humble! LOL
    Hey, what do you do with your mullberries?