Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello all........ how is Thursday finding you?
It is actually raining here in my part of the world, and cold. I am all rugged up as the workshop is cold....really cold...
Yes I'm at work...dreaming about my garden at home and how lovely it is all looking at the moment...Well yesterday really when the sun was shinning and I took theses photos.
The very first photo is of my hippeastrums which I have had for years, I actually got them from my Mum's garden. They are looking stunning at this time of year when they flower..I almost forget they are there and then there they are in all there glory.
I love it when I have every thing in flower and I can pick vases of fresh flowers in the house.

Still waiting for my beautiful girl Jess to have here baby...Between you and me I am sure I was never pregnant this long it seems like years....
Well I had better get back to work
after a quick catch up of some blogs that is...
Blessings to all


  1. Thursday finds me well. I have just had an assessment for a Personal Motivational Program - 7 weeks of exercise, motivational speakers and fellowship with like-minded girls. My middle has expanded over the past few years so its time to take charge! Not quite sure how my knees will stand up to aerobics after all these years!

    Your hippies are pretty as are all your other blooms. I am still waiting for roses to pop.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I love your flowers. It must be grand to have all that beauty to choose your bouquets from...Waiting to hear the "baby news". It does seem like women are pregnant FOREVER, but I think it's because they now find out they're pregnant 15 minutes after the fact!

  3. Thursday sees me fine! I love a spring garden when everything is in flower......beautiful.
    The baby will come when it is god and ready, my granddaughter was two weeks overdue......but well worth the wait:0)

  4. Hi Mandy!

    I love your garden & blooms - just beautiful!!! Enjoy the season! :)


  5. I hope the weather has warmed up a bit for you. Your flowers are just lovely. God bless x