Monday, October 17, 2011


My arms are already missing my little princess, and that sweet little nose that I have to kiss. Yes there will be lots of trips out to Roma from now on....But for now it is back home and back to work.
Above is some of the pretties I found in Roma...You'll have to wait and see what I am going to do with them.
We had some great rain while away and the garden is looking green and happy are the plants.
The boys room is coming along, floors sanded and varnished, the first coat of paint on the walls.
Yes coming home was nice.
Only 1 week left until Alanah and Chloe get home from there trip to Thailand...Goodness I have missed those 2 girls. I am feeling very lonely as I have only 3 of my 7 children here and I do not like it at all...
Well only a week and the girls will be back, now I have to work out how to get my big boy down here....I have it.....My mowers need servicing and he is the only one Dad would trust to do it...(a little guilt should work)
Have a great week all...


  1. Lol Mandy great thinking there lol,everything looks wonderful and i know you are so strong and must be missing your wonderful man at this happy time.xx

  2. What a sweet lookin baby. I know you will miss that one.

  3. Oh Mandy you are so going to miss young Grace. She is such an adorable wee poppett. How exciting everything you do now and see will have her in the back of your mind.
    Greg will have the most proud smile looking down on all of you. Absolutely wonderful and many many congrats on becoming a grandma.

  4. You have an adorable Princess too and yes I can see lots of trips back and forth.
    Guilt trips often work well on boys:0)

  5. What a Cutie. Can't blame you for missing her. I know the feeling. I had to come back home after my new grandson arrived in June. I went back once, but that is not enough.