Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to head home...

Out for lunch with the girls in Roma after a busy day shopping.

What a wonderful few days we have had in Roma...
I had a birthday here with my very favorite girl..

Went shopping and saw this shop below. There is no way Jess could get the pram through here. I have never seen such a awful shop in my life every thing was covered in dust...The photo dosn't show it really well though.
We did find some lovely shops here though.
I will share my finds with you when I get home.
I am heading home tomorrow, it is a good 4 hour trip out here so I need to get going early.
Now I have to go and have more cuddles as I won't see my girl for a few weeks..


  1. What a little sweetie she is! Chubby cheeks and plump little legs - ooh, I want a cuddle too!


  2. She is just precious, Mandy. What a wonderful time you had with her. BTW, that awful shop all covered in dust is just the kind I love to poke around in. I wear my old clothes because digging for gold can get dirty, but make no mistake, there is usually treasure hidden in there.

  3. Congratulations Mandy & what a sweet little cherub she is.

    Guessing that shop would have to be either an Ace Drapers shop or Rex Furnishers their such a blast from the past in 1993 I bought an Akubra hat from there NEW! with the pound sign still on the pricetag.

  4. Travel safe ,so glad you got to have a lovely time together.

  5. Caroline you are so right it was Rex Furnishers we didn't get to the Drapers some one needed a feed...
    Ninny I should have had a good look around but I kinda only had eyes for Grace. Next time