Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up.

                                      How was your week end? I know it's Tuesday already and I'm asking about your week end. Saturday saw us getting our first backpackers to stay, they are French and lovely. Sunday saw us putting up the Christmas Tree and outside Christmas lights.

I have spent the last week mowing and weeding after all the lovely rain we had last week. Every thing was in need of a drink and looking dry. Amazing what a good soaking rain can do. Every thing is growing and looking clean and green.

All my agapanthis are starting to flower throughout the garden. The wagon wheel below Robbie found in the creek after the flood, it has found a new home in my garden now.
One side of the gate my aggies are flowering but not the other. The ones in the shade always flower first though.

I am going to get a cuppa and see what you have been up to over the week end.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Corner of My Veranda...

I Thought I would share a corner of my veranda with you. This corner is outside the kitchen and we often have our meals here.

I wanted to show you the mat I  got for out here. I have often seen out door mats on blogs and in magazines but never seen any for sale around these parts. On the way to work yesterday as I was driving past Bar-B-Que Galores I saw some. I quick pull over and 10mins later I'm walking out with it.

I'm thinking it makes this look like a room which the veranda is. Above you can see the blinds are open, below they are closed. I have to close them of a morning as the sun gets very hot out here.

This hot, forgot to bring the candles in. Don't think I'll be able to use them now?
A close up of the table, I love these little urns that I got from the discount shop CHEAP..

I hide the dog lead in them and my garden clippers..

Close up of the mat.. They are made from plastic bags, yes it is recycled plastic, won't fade or stain. When it gets dirty just hose it off. Now how neat is that, this is the bigger one and fits under my 10 seater table...
Now I might have to get one for the courtyard...

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lonely cabinet....

Welcome to this hot Tuesday, my workshop does get really hot in summer all the fan does in blow hot air. I look forward to coming home on a day like today and fluffing about the house.
This cabinet below was in the kitchen that was home to ummmmm junk really. Tea towels, table clothes, wrapping paper, hats you name it it was in there. Since the big Pantry clean out of 2011 it is empty. Empty with no home.

I am not sure where to put it as I think it makes the family room look cluttered, and it is empty, I'm sure I'll think of some thing.
Meanwhile it has been replaced with my daughters china cabinet that she can't fit into her place. I am loving the open shelf feeling of this cabinet. I have filled it up with all my white china.

The plain white dinner set is a good companion to the rest of my old china. It goes with any  table setting I decide upon.

Enjoy the rest of your hot Tuesday, I'm going to read some blogs instead of going out and mowing..


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Pantry Clean up...

 I have been busy over the week end. Busy getting my cup boards organized. Above is a photo of my pantry   before I got in and cleaned and reorganized it.
Below is the laundry cupboard before.
 And now all nice and clean.
 I even got around to tiding my laundry,
 and putting a shelf up that has been sitting there waiting.
 For some reason blogger has uploaded all the photos in the wrong order arghhhh.
Here are all the teatowels and table clothes in there new home.
 I now have all the kitchen linen sorted and in baskets.
 I have now got more in here than when I started as I have emptied the linen cupboard and stored it all in the drawers at the bottom.
 I am happy how organized it all is now, funny how I let things get into such a mess then I have a major clean out on my hands.
The week end was full of cleaning and gardening, but so much was done that I'm happy. What did you get up to on your week end.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bedroom 3

I am doing my Happy Dance today as the Boys room is all finished..
It looks just the way i imagined it would...I am loving the floors in this room they are hard wood and the color is a lot darker then the rest which I think is good being a boys room. I still have there photos and flags to put up yet as well.
I did have to buy a new chest of drawers, I have been looking for ages in the 2nd hand shops but couldn't find any..I got this from Eureka Furnishings here in Toowoomba.
The old side board looks like it was made for the room, we have all the boys bits and pieces stored in there.
Robbie has the top bunk which is a double size so he has plenty of growing room. I did put a shelf up there and am yet to get a lamp for him so he can read at night with out disturbing William.
Will has the single bed and the party lights go on at night as he needs to sleep with the lights on. Placing them under the bunk they do not reflect up to Robbie who likes it to be dark.
On the other side of the room they have there storage area.
Built ins either side of the desk, and lots of shelf room. The shelves go all the way to the ceiling. Here they do there home work and have the old computer to do assignments on.
We kept one shelf spare so the little TV and X box fits in here out of the way all neat and tidy.
I got them some bean bags to sit in and they love them, Robbie's is the red one and the other one which is Will's is a glow in the dark world map well globe really....He loves it.
So there you have it all 3 Bedrooms finished..It has taken a while but it has been worth it.
Every thing is so clean and fresh..I have donated so much to Vinnies it's un real..I am now going to slowly go through the rest of the house and de-clutter it, but for now I'm having a break...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet All My Children.....

You may want to
Sit down and have a cuppa for this post, as it is a photo overload....
Above is a photo of all my children.
Back L-R Chloe, David, Alanah
Front L-R Robbie, William, Jessica and Cassandra.
Not easy trying to get 7 kids to behave them selves for a family photo.
The women of the family.
Myself, Chloe, Jess and Grace, Cassandra and Alanah.

As you see no easy feat getting them to behave...

I know 3 boys that are very much in love..
In love with there niece that is...
See the look in Lachlans eyes.. I am sure he was thinking when are they going home so I get to hold my baby....hahaha
I remember being young with my first baby, do you? it wasn't really that long ago was it.
Below is David and his wife Karen..
They decided to borrow Grace for a family photo..I think the look on Gracie's face says it all.
So that was our week end at Roma with all my loves in the one place at the one time....
Missing them all already though.
Now for some exciting news...
I am getting a Japanese student Tomorrow for 3 months.

All has happened very quickly...I have had to have a big clean up in the kids old bedroom under the house for her..Sorry the above photo is so blurry.
It is a good size room down there and also she will have lots of privacy ( I am saying she as I don't know her name yet)
Bruce installed a vanity for my (below) as I think a girl needs some where to primp and preen.
All I need is some floor covers as it only has bare cement floors....

So there you have it just two of the things I have been up to lately..
I will explain later in the week about how come I am having a Japanese student for 3 mths...
Enjoy your Monday

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bedroom 2...

I am back, did you miss me?
My new Internet has been playing up, and work has been to busy to blog there...But all is good and I have a lot of catching up to do...
First......Bedroom 2 Cassie's bedroom.
Remember last post I decided to put Cassie in the smaller bedroom? well she loves it (now)
As you can tell blue and green are her favorite colours.
The walls are all painted in Dulux Antique white. I am loving how the white walls and polished floors make this room so much brighter and bigger.
The bed is one I had up in The Old Dairy. It is painted gold and is the prettiest bed for a teenage girls room. The curtains and cushions are new, but every thing else I already had, the duchess needs painting yet though.
A little office nook for her to do her studying in. The shelves where all taken down and painted as well. I think these shelves came from my room, hahaa I can't remember now.
This is how the room looked before as the boys room. It is now a lovely bright teenage girls room. I have really enjoyed remaking over the bedroom's on such a tight budget. Amazing isn't it what you can find around the home to help pull a room together.

The boys room is nearly finished..We were up till late putting beds together last night. It is the first time in a month the boys have had beds...
12 mths of renos...Boy it has been a long haul, but I have enjoyed seeing my old house come to life...
Now I am going to get a coffee and have a catch up on you all instead of going for a walk this morning...
Enjoy your day..