Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Corner of My Veranda...

I Thought I would share a corner of my veranda with you. This corner is outside the kitchen and we often have our meals here.

I wanted to show you the mat I  got for out here. I have often seen out door mats on blogs and in magazines but never seen any for sale around these parts. On the way to work yesterday as I was driving past Bar-B-Que Galores I saw some. I quick pull over and 10mins later I'm walking out with it.

I'm thinking it makes this look like a room which the veranda is. Above you can see the blinds are open, below they are closed. I have to close them of a morning as the sun gets very hot out here.

This hot, forgot to bring the candles in. Don't think I'll be able to use them now?
A close up of the table, I love these little urns that I got from the discount shop CHEAP..

I hide the dog lead in them and my garden clippers..

Close up of the mat.. They are made from plastic bags, yes it is recycled plastic, won't fade or stain. When it gets dirty just hose it off. Now how neat is that, this is the bigger one and fits under my 10 seater table...
Now I might have to get one for the courtyard...

Enjoy your day


  1. i have not seen these mats before they are a good idea.
    love your dinning table :o)

  2. How absolutely lovely that corner is,I would love to sit and eat there must be wonderful,he mat is amazing i have never seen them.

  3. I do love the mat and a great way to recycle plastic bags. The candles won't be much good now unless you melt them and pour them into moulds to reuse them.
    Your 'outdoor room' is a great spot to sit and entertain or relax.

  4. love this room Mandy the girls told me how beautiful your home is now i am lovin the mat gorgeous

  5. I love the mat and laughed at the candles - that's HOT! Beautiful space to go with the rest of your house. Love all the changes and additions.

  6. I can sympathise with you re the heat. It gets very hot here too and it is often unpleasant to sit outside during the day, but your veranda looks like a nice shady spot to kick back and relax. Enjoy!

  7. That is a great mat Mandy, looks lovely on your veranda :)