Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lonely cabinet....

Welcome to this hot Tuesday, my workshop does get really hot in summer all the fan does in blow hot air. I look forward to coming home on a day like today and fluffing about the house.
This cabinet below was in the kitchen that was home to ummmmm junk really. Tea towels, table clothes, wrapping paper, hats you name it it was in there. Since the big Pantry clean out of 2011 it is empty. Empty with no home.

I am not sure where to put it as I think it makes the family room look cluttered, and it is empty, I'm sure I'll think of some thing.
Meanwhile it has been replaced with my daughters china cabinet that she can't fit into her place. I am loving the open shelf feeling of this cabinet. I have filled it up with all my white china.

The plain white dinner set is a good companion to the rest of my old china. It goes with any  table setting I decide upon.

Enjoy the rest of your hot Tuesday, I'm going to read some blogs instead of going out and mowing..



  1. It's a cute cabinet - too good to get rid of...

    I spy on your yellow door frame - childrens growth measurements! Bet ya can't paint over that!


  2. There is so much inspiration on the blogs out there, I'm sure someone will give you some ideas on what to do with such a beautiful cabinet:)