Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet All My Children.....

You may want to
Sit down and have a cuppa for this post, as it is a photo overload....
Above is a photo of all my children.
Back L-R Chloe, David, Alanah
Front L-R Robbie, William, Jessica and Cassandra.
Not easy trying to get 7 kids to behave them selves for a family photo.
The women of the family.
Myself, Chloe, Jess and Grace, Cassandra and Alanah.

As you see no easy feat getting them to behave...

I know 3 boys that are very much in love..
In love with there niece that is...
See the look in Lachlans eyes.. I am sure he was thinking when are they going home so I get to hold my baby....hahaha
I remember being young with my first baby, do you? it wasn't really that long ago was it.
Below is David and his wife Karen..
They decided to borrow Grace for a family photo..I think the look on Gracie's face says it all.
So that was our week end at Roma with all my loves in the one place at the one time....
Missing them all already though.
Now for some exciting news...
I am getting a Japanese student Tomorrow for 3 months.

All has happened very quickly...I have had to have a big clean up in the kids old bedroom under the house for her..Sorry the above photo is so blurry.
It is a good size room down there and also she will have lots of privacy ( I am saying she as I don't know her name yet)
Bruce installed a vanity for my (below) as I think a girl needs some where to primp and preen.
All I need is some floor covers as it only has bare cement floors....

So there you have it just two of the things I have been up to lately..
I will explain later in the week about how come I am having a Japanese student for 3 mths...
Enjoy your Monday


  1. You have a beautiful family:0)

  2. Mandy, you don't look old enough to have all those kids, but they are a good-looking bunch! :-)

  3. Lovely family pictures Mandy! And the room for your Japanese student looks cosy...

  4. Mandy our family photos always end up a giggle fest too kids just can't control themselves ha hah love little Grace how gorgeous is she!!!