Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas??

Wow what a week it has been around here..Tuesday saw us having ALL having to make a trip to Nambour. Well you can't go that way with out stopping at Mapleton on the way home.

They had a wonderful little shop there just filled with Christmas decs. Ohhhhh this really got me into the Christmas spirit I can tell you. We had a late lunch then a little bit more shop looking. I even got the rest of my Christmas shopping all done here.
Then before I new it, it was 5p.m and we still had a 2 hr drive ahead of us.
Can you see the riff raff in the back seats, they were all having a good time yelling singing fighting I think you get the idea. Robbie is some where back there as well you can't see him but I could hear him that's for sure ...It was a good day one what I call a memory making day.

We also went to see the Christmas lights a Queens Park. What a great display they had, the photos do not show how fantastic they really were.

And now (drum roll please)
My Christmas presant from my 4 wonderful daughters.
A dishwasher ( Happy dancing now)

So what do you think?
I Know spoilt hey...I decided to put her in the pantry. The bench is made from an old tresselle table that I got from a sale. Bruce built this all for me for Christmas as well. The little freezer tucks under there and now I have a wonderful new work space.

This view is from the pantry door, I mean from The Butlers Pantry door..Haaahahahaha.
I also got some wine glass holders for the shelf, so this is a great little area for preparing drinks. Hmmm  I think I will make a little skirt to hid the plumbing though as looking at the picture it needs covering up.

I am one happy lady this Christmas and very thank full.

This year for Christmas lunch there will be 22 people here..A house full that's for sure. It will also be the first Christmas my big boy David won't be here. So while I am missing him like crazy I know that he and Karen are having one of the best Christmases ever over there in Canada....
Merry Christmas David and Karen we are all missing you here.

This year though is also my first year as a Grandma so I am going to be getting lots of cuddles from this little pudding. I know isn't she the cutest baby ever...
Jess, Lachlan and Grace will arrive this morning.

I hope you are all spending time with those you love this year.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas to All



  1. Hi Mandy, yes it's one of my favourite shops it's gorgeous isnt it and Im fortunate to live only ten minutes from there lol. Lucky you, a dishwasher what I would give for one. Your grand daughter is beautiful what a little sweetheart. Anyway I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas, Mandy! Have a happy and blessed Christmas with your dear family,

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Mandy, the baby is sooooo cute!! What a gift in it's self...Love the new Dishwasher and my what a time-saver it is going to be for you. You will enjoy it day after day. 22 people is a big gathering and I hope it all went well. Lots of people to share the love with!

  4. Hi Mandy just found your blog when I popped over from sweet tea.Congrats on your gorgeous granddaughter.I have five gorgeous grandchildren and its the best thing ever. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. A new dishwasher in your pantry! Now that's a great gift! Your grandbaby is so cute.