Monday, December 5, 2011

A busy week end....

Happy Monday every one...
This week end we were very French, I had French house guests and William and I travelled to see the Eiffel Tower....Toowoomba style that is.

 We enjoyed a picnic at the beautiful Gardens in Queens Park .....

 Meet David and Anise our lovely French couple staying here. As you can see there has been lots of wine being drunk and good food being eaten..Anise  has cooked a couple of times O lala (said with very bad french accent)

 Whats this????Grace how did you get in here???
Look at those cheeks and that sweet face, that looks says" I miss you Grandma" and I miss you Princess Grace.

We went for a walk after our picnic lunch through the Cobb and Co museum.
William sat on this horse through most of the tour through the museum, he is having a cob boy phase at the moment.

The others had to fight him to get a turn on the horse, the horse with a Santa sleigh

The week end was finished off in the garden having tea  by candle light. The evenings have been so delightful that you can't help but  to dine out side.

Yes we had a very busy time on the week end relaxing and enjoying good company...

Some times it is good to do this insteaf of working all wek end..


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