Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's that time of the year again when eating outside is so much cooler than being indoors.

 I am thinking though that my courtyard needs a little bit of TLC. It isn't a big area and the table takes up most of the room. When we have the barby going there is another table out here as well for the food to go on. I think it just needs a good revamp and clean after not being used for a while.

 I have cleaned up the side of the house leading up to the court yard, so that's a start isn't it? It is a bit cooler today with the promise of rain so a good day to make over the court yard.

The Christmas decorations are slowly coming out. They too are looking a little sad  and well old, no tatty is a better word. sighhhhh.
I started my Christmas shopping yesterday so hopefully that will get me into the Christmas spirit. The last couple of years I seem to have lost my Christmas Mojo. Decorating seems like a chore instead of a joy, boy I sound like the Christmas grump..
What I need is some Christmas craft to get me into the mood I think...and may be some Christmas cooking...For now I'm going to see what Christmas decorating is going on in blog world...



  1. You are always busy around your home, it always looks welcoming...

    Christmas comes around too often for my liking lol!

    Totally not prepared at all this year, but I will get there, always seem to...

    You have a good day Mandy :)

  2. I haven't really started shopping yet - I wish it would go away! With 2 girls with birthdays in October and November I am always at a loss with what to buy them.
    Must get my deccies out this weekend and put up my tree. Your garden areas are looking nice and I like that outdoor area for barbecues.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Everything looks lovely,you have some nice places to sit awhile.

  4. Mandy, your courtyard looks nice and shady. A cool place to escape the heat of summer. It is hard to think of decorating for Christmas when it is so hot (we had 39 degrees this weekend), so maybe when it cools down a bit you will feel more festive. I just read "Aussie jingle bells" to my class at school and it put me in the Christmas mood for the children's sake. Maybe give it a try too? God bless x