Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Back....

Thank you for the feed back for my last post..I tried to buy more photo space and it wouldn't let me. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!
Then today I thought I would give it another go and Ta Dar it lets me down load more photos......Go figure.....
Lots has been happening here, I am right into making soy candles. Going to all the thrift shops to get glass ware to make them in. I have a cupboard full and lots more sitting in the pantry, but below in my favorite one.
Above with out the lid and below with the lid on.When you have finished with the candle you have a nice little glass jar that you can use.
I have also been busy making soap, all natural made from oils. This soap will not only clean but moisturize at the same time.

I also had Chloe's Baby Shower on Sunday...
Lots of work all these parties, I spent Saturday cooking and the party Sunday(eating hahaha)
it was a lovely day with friends and family.
We had a pretend cake made from nappies..
 But also one we could eat.
It's good to be back blogging....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I was already to show you lots of photos of all I have been doing lately, but  blogger is saying my photo quota is full and I have to buy storage for my photos. Has any one else had this problem?
And what did you do, buy storage?
Any suggestions would be good

I will show you the cake plates I have made. Getting stock ready for a stall, I might even try selling them on ebay. Lots of options open on the Internet. Some ideas here would be good here too ladies..

I have also made candles and soap, when I can I will show you the photos of these.. The candles are all soy candles.
Well I'm going to see what I can do about this photo thing arghhhhhhhhh......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grace and Gardening. The two Gs

Hello All...So much for being a good blogger I think I am getting worse at updating my posts. The main reason is I forget to take photos of every thing and then I have nothing to show you....

But i do have some photos  of Gracie..
Chloe and I went out to Surat to visit Jess, Lachlan  and Grace. They have bought them selves a lovely house out there, so we had to go out and check every thing out.  Pretty little place Surat, I really enjoyed it.
Grace being cool in her sunnies like Grandma....
I have been busy gardening as well as visiting daughters and grand daughters
 The Vege Garden has been getting a work out.
It was time to start planting out again.

Every thing is so dry though, it just soaks up the water, we really need rain as the creek has stopped running as well. Showers are short and the water police are on patrol (ME)

I have tomatoes growing well and lots of basil. I have planted basil in pots as well to keep in the kitchen and on the veranda so they are a bit closer.

We had artichokes this spring....Mmmmm I love them, I would love to learn to bottle them so I have them longer. I always leave some to flower as the flower is spectacular I think.

Below you can see the trellis for the climbing beans at the back and more herbs at the front.

My friend Angie and I are combining our gardens, she will plant what I haven't got and then we will share. That way we get more of a variety. I have tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, beans,capsicum, cucumbers, eggplant, chili and lots of herbs.
What have you got going in your vege garden???
I thought I would leave you with a photo of Grace when I told her that her Uncle Dave is having a baby.....See we are all happy...Hahahaha  


Monday, October 29, 2012

Babies,babies and more babies...

Hello all
Sorry I have been so long in posting, but I have some exciting news.
I have 3 new grand babies  due in the new year!!!!!!!!!!
(insert happy dancing)
Chloe and Damien are due in
Thank goodness I will have 1 grand baby living near me.
and the big surprise is
David and Karen are due in February, this was the best kept secert around I think..I mean I was starting to give up on these two, hahaha. I am so excited our first Storey baby and also the first Storey to be born in February...
March sees Jess and Lach having baby No 2...So Gracie gets not only a new brother or sister but also 3 cousins..She is a spoilt litlle princess.

to all 3 of my wonderful children and partners. I know what I'll be doing next year, a lot of travelling and holding babies.......
Toowoomba is talking about getting daily flights to and from Roma, I hope they do, then I better get a frequent flyer account...hahahaha.
Blessings to All

Friday, October 19, 2012

Back Garden

Hi all..I thought I would show you a different part of the garden today, starting at the pool.
I am making a window in the hedge so that you can see the kids swimming in the pool, it is a work in progress as you can see, but I know it will be awsome when it grows a bit more.

Now we will make our way down the back, as you can see this area of the garden is very different to the gardens around the house. Greg got the rain forest garden started 16 years ago..

I have made a lot of paths through this area so the kids can run and hide, William loves to play Army men down here.

This is the back fence and my red gate leads out to the chook pen. This area is very dry so it is filled with geraniums, salvias and a few grasses...

I have planted this beautiful Japanese Lantern Flower down here and also one up near the house. I will see which does better, I fell in love with this plant while looking around the gardens last month.
My walking orchard loves it down here and I have let it go a little wild but it looks so pretty and adds some depth to the garden.

Next time I will show you another section of the garden. I have lots of areas in my garden and love each area as they are different.
Below is a photo I found of Alanah's going away party...Yep I am missing here sooooo much we all are.
I am working this week end as I am not doing well with keeping up the book work there is so much to do........arghhhhh.
May be Sunday arvo I will get out to the garden, it needs work and I need to get out there and relax..
Enjoy your week end what ever you are doing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Country Garden........

Hello all I'm back. Thank you for the comments on my last blog, I am sorry I haven't got back to comment. Alanah is doing well over in Canada, catch up with her on her blog
I thought you would like to come for a walk in my garden,
Below is the jacaranda tree in the front yard. It is late evening as we go around so imagine me camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.
As we come through the front gate you can see the grass is starting to brown...It has been VERY dry here of late. Not now!!!! we woke up to rain this morning and it has been raining hard and steady all day, so it won't take long for the grass to green up and the plants to all bloom.
The roses are all blooming and every thing is looking good dispite the lack of rain. I do have a bore so am able to water if it gets too dry.  As you walk along you will see black pipes all over the place, this is all the grey water from the baths and washing machine as I use every bit of water on the garden.

All the saliva's are shooting back after a good prune in July, and the seaside dasies are going wild, as are the geraniums.

Out the back the book leaf tree is alive with bees and colour. After it has finished flowering it is going to get a good hair cut as well.

The back garden is small but has so much colour, ever thing is flowering out here except the agapanthus but it won't be long and they too will put up there large purple heads.
Right up the back you can see the hippeastrums are flowering well again this year. The vivid red at the front is a geranium, Big Red. It sure does live up to it's name.
I hope you enjoyed this quick look, later I will take you down to the back garden.
Now because work is so quiet I am going to catch up with a few of you. And tonight I will try to remember my computer when I go home so I can really catch up...
Blessings to All

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pool House to Cubby House...

I have done it, I have got in and revamped the cubby house.
We built this cubby about 13 years ago for the girls.

They slowly outgrew it and the boys used it for camping out in. But lately it has been used as just the pool shed and for dumping toys in there.

But now it is back to being a Cubby House. A pretty place for little girls to play when they visit. And for my grand daughter Grace when she is down to visit.
It didn't take long as I got the backpackers to paint it, then I bought some bits and pieces down to decorate.

A comfortable chair for reading in.

A tea set for tea time. William wasn't happy about the pink in here and that I made it for girls, but he has put his Army men down here in the baskets and is happy to play in here as well.
I am happy with the way it turned out...
Next we will paint the out side as it is starting to peal.

Other happenings is Tuesday Alanah flew out to Canada. She is going to Lake Louise Alberta to work in a ski lodge there.

 These are the last photo we got of her going.
Lots of tears had all round as she will be gone for 2 years such a long time.
I know though she will have the best of times there....Good luck my brave girl, live your dreams.

Blessings to All

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hot Pink Bling......

On Tuesday I had to get some paint from Toowoomba to paint the cubby( more about that later)
So while I am up there I also had to go to the local cheap shop and look what I found.....
Hot Pink Mirrors
Just what I needed to go in my bed room with the new lamps I made...
There's only one problem......there plastic...

But don't you think they give the room just the bling it needed....
and they were only $10 each..Loving hot pink this spring, it is finding it's way more and more in to the house.


What do you think???????

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Gret Week-end..

How was your week-end?
I hope you all had wonderful weather what ever you got up too.

I only went to see one garden as I am hopeing my Mum will come to town this week and we will see the rest together.

My what a garden I saw though it was Grand Champion and I can see why. It had a lake, 2 water falls, Asian garden and so much more.
This bridge(above) went across there man made river into the lake. Below is the Asian themed garden with another waterfall to the right of picture. There are 3 pergolas in this area.
Plenty of colour in this garden as well. It  had it all Lake, colour, garden rooms and more.
I have put this link in so you can go and have a look yourself.
Friday and Saturday night we went to The wine and food festival in Queens Park....It was so pretty with all the lanterns in the trees.

So many spectacular wines to taste....And yes Friday night Bruce drove home and Saturday night I drove....Good girl that I am...The music was great.Mark Seymour and Mental as Anything played live in the park....So what better combinations for a great week end, Gardens, food, wine and great live music.