Monday, January 30, 2012


 How was your week end????
I have been catching up and it seems you all had a good one...

Saturday saw us up and out the door to kickboxing, when 8 of us got out of the car they thought it was rent-a-crowd.hahahha

The boys loved it, Robbie 6along and William 7 along in shorts and singlet..They got right into it. Me lets just say say I may walk every morning for an hour but I am so not fit...But I am going to be yes sirree just you wait..

 I just want to say this is NOT a mid life crises just a good old fashioned mental break down. Body break down more like it, my back is aching and I do have muscles in my tummy after sore I am sooooooo sore. May be 46 is to old to try kickboxing.
I have been thinking about this....getting old thing...My sore aching body and my wardrobe got me thinking.
Now your wandering how my wardrobe got into this..Let me try to explain...While looking for something to wear to church I realized some thing about my clothes.....They're boring....and I don't know when this happened..I used to wear bright happy clothes....
I have a theory...
With every thing that has gone on in the last few years I have become a bit of a worrier....I never used to worry about what people thought about me, but since Greg died and I have been working I worry about  what so and so thinks. I know I'm probably rambling a bit here sorry.....but I have changed and not for the better....
What to do?
I am going to stop worrying, I will have bright red hair if I want it.
I will wear bright loud clothes if I choose.
And I will dam well do kick boxing at 46 and be proud of the fact that I have the guts to have a go.

I am going to live MY life the way I choose to and not how others think I should...
No more playing it safe and NO MORE BLACK...

OK that's it ranting over...

Thanks for listening


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chickens and kick boxing........

I hope all  my Australian readers enjoyed there Australia Day celebrations.We stayed home to build our new Chook Pen.

Boy O boy was it hot though, we  lit up the barbie at lunch time and cooked a feast for our French workers..Then all came inside to the air con...

I know not quite the some but it was a cool relief.
Below is the chook pen I have now, as  the garden has grown I need to move it out of the main yard as when I let them out they are wrecking the garden.

It is a bit of an eye sore where it is as well..

There new home will be down the garden path and out through the Red gate. Out here in the farm they will be able to roam to there hearts content and not get into any mischief.

As you can see it will be a large pen divided into 3 separate pens, I have plans...I want to keep my different rare breeds separate and eventually bred them..

We were hoping to get it finished off today but it is still raining. Lovin the rain and it is cold here after our 35+ temp last week it is only 19 degrees. Crazy weather..

Today the children and I are going to try Kick boxing.....hahahahah I know me and kick boxing, but it has started at the little local hall. I will try anthing once, I'll let you know how it goes...

What does one wear to kick boxing?????

Enjoy your week end what ever you are doing..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Girls....

What a glorious Tuesday this is...
Why you off for me today...

I wanted to show you what I've been up too, last Friday on the way home from work I stopped in at the local op shop. Above is my score,6 crystal glasses, 5 crystal wine glasses, a sweet jug that will be good for a vase and a plate..Picking these items up is what got me out to the garage sales on Saturday. Now that cabinet I got on Saturday, I may just be needing it for all the china I am picking up!!!!!

Look what I have growing in the back yard!!!
A pineapple...I planted this top out in 2009 when Greg was sick as he enjoyed pineapple juice. Well it has taken a while but it has fruit....I see it as I walk out my back door it is the cutest little guy, I just hope it will taste as good as it looks.
Above and below are the new chooks we got Sunday.Above(sorry bad photo) are the Golden Laced Wyandotts and below are the Sicilian Buttercups. Don't you just love the names of them? The buttercups get a more lighter head as they get older. They are both rare breeds, we are getting a collection of different chooks now. On Thursday we are starting the new chook pens, at the moment they are in the portable one.

William loves them and spends ages out there playing with them..and we even got our first egg Monday afternoon he was so excited.
Now we just need to get some names for the New girls, any ideas????

I mentioned I'm not working today, that is because I have to go and pick up a back packer arriving in Gatton at lunch time. Only thing is I will have to go up to the workshop and play catch up in the morning..Tomorrow is Australia day here so is a public holiday...

So after work it will be starting on the chook pen then a good Barby to end the day...

Enjoy your day

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Garage Sale Finds....

How is week-end shaping up??
I had the best Saturday in a very long time, Will and I went hunting at the garage sales.

Ta Da

I have often heard the men say "Real men have Ute's"
I think then that real women have Tarago's....The things I fit in here is amazing.The back seat was full,I got an old trunk for $15 and so much china, and then I got this cabinet for only $30 and couldn't leave it there for that price. Up went the other seat and in she went....
I love my car..

I also got this lamp. OK she looks bad here but look at the base, it is glass. I have often seen these on blogs but never found one for myself.

and the china...All of this for $15. It has been years since I have gotten to Garage sales so I may be a little excited OK..Just humor me PLEASE..

 A new shade on my lamp and she is looking better, still not 100% happy I think it needs a smaller shade. Another shot of the chinna, the green striped bowls and plates are part of a dinner set. When I asked the fellow how much he said (this is some of Dads old china how about $5) I causally said thats OK I supose...$5 can you beleive it..The floral plate and other green plate was $2 each.

 Now the travelling trunk, the elderly lady said here Grandfather come out from Scotland with this trunk. My grandfather also came out from Scotland may-be my Pop had a trunk like this too. I'm sure it wasn't yellow though!! He makes a lovely coffee table on the veranda for now. I want to fit it into the boys room as a toy box.

Below is my cupboard for $30 it to has gone on the veranda as I have no room in the house.
Yes I had a wonderfull day Saturday. 

Today Damien and I are going to look at some chooks. Rare bred ones so all in all this has been one of the best weekends ever...
What have you been up to?????


Thursday, January 19, 2012


(picture from Pinterest I think)

I was here

Dreaming that my pool house looked like this.
That my Internet was working again...

But no to the above

Also I have just realized that for the last few months that all the comments and emails I have sent to you lovely ladies I don't think you got. I have been sending them from my old email address.

I am hoping that the hour I just spent trying to fix it (instead of working) has worked.

I will catch up as soon as the Internet at home is fixed (it had better be tomorrow)

Meanwhile I'm going to work out how I can cut the front wall out of my pool house so it looks like this one....


Monday, January 16, 2012

A Family Week end....

How is this cool Monday morning finding you..
That is cool as in weather wise, after the heat of last week it is a cool 20 degrees.....Bliss.

 What a great week end we had, first of all one of my sister in laws made a surprise visit up from Melbourne. Needless to say the week end has been a family over load. hahaha

Cousins catching up in the pool.
Brothers catching up over the barby.

Then there is kids on skate boards.....I have attended to a few busted knees this week end...

Thought I had better show  you Jayne, she will probably kill me for this photo though.

So that is my week end.....

O and I am at work doing my blog as I still do not have the inter net going at home grrrrrrr..

I hope you all had a great week end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catch Up

First Up....


 You have to admire this woman as she has put up with my son for many years, for this reason she is my favorite daughter in-law...
I hope you have had a lovely day Kazz....
I picked some roses from the garden for you I hope you like them.

 It has soooooooo hot here
All of my garden is starting to brown off and in need of a good drink. It is hard to comprehend that 12mths ago we were in devastating floods here.

This is the coolest area in the whole place as there is always a breeze blowing here.
I haven't been able to update my blog as my Internet is down and I'm still waiting on a part to get it going again..I am blogging at work today as it is a bit quieter...Every other day I have been busy up here..

In fact I think I am going to have a quick look at what is happening in blog land.
A big hello to all of you as I won't have time to comment..

By for now

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A good start to 2012....

 I am enjoying 2012 so far..

Lots of time out in the garden as the weather has been perfect not to hot....Lots of pruning has been getting done, vines, roses, hedges and fruit trees.

 Then after gardening sneaking in a swim with out the kids.

 Unfortunately then there always book work waiting for me in the evening.

How is 2112 for you so far?

May this New Year bring you Happiness and Joy...