Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Girls....

What a glorious Tuesday this is...
Why you off for me today...

I wanted to show you what I've been up too, last Friday on the way home from work I stopped in at the local op shop. Above is my score,6 crystal glasses, 5 crystal wine glasses, a sweet jug that will be good for a vase and a plate..Picking these items up is what got me out to the garage sales on Saturday. Now that cabinet I got on Saturday, I may just be needing it for all the china I am picking up!!!!!

Look what I have growing in the back yard!!!
A pineapple...I planted this top out in 2009 when Greg was sick as he enjoyed pineapple juice. Well it has taken a while but it has fruit....I see it as I walk out my back door it is the cutest little guy, I just hope it will taste as good as it looks.
Above and below are the new chooks we got Sunday.Above(sorry bad photo) are the Golden Laced Wyandotts and below are the Sicilian Buttercups. Don't you just love the names of them? The buttercups get a more lighter head as they get older. They are both rare breeds, we are getting a collection of different chooks now. On Thursday we are starting the new chook pens, at the moment they are in the portable one.

William loves them and spends ages out there playing with them..and we even got our first egg Monday afternoon he was so excited.
Now we just need to get some names for the New girls, any ideas????

I mentioned I'm not working today, that is because I have to go and pick up a back packer arriving in Gatton at lunch time. Only thing is I will have to go up to the workshop and play catch up in the morning..Tomorrow is Australia day here so is a public holiday...

So after work it will be starting on the chook pen then a good Barby to end the day...

Enjoy your day

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous, as are your other finds.
    You're on a good roll - fun, isn't it?!
    So glad that now I know what chooks are!!