Monday, January 30, 2012


 How was your week end????
I have been catching up and it seems you all had a good one...

Saturday saw us up and out the door to kickboxing, when 8 of us got out of the car they thought it was rent-a-crowd.hahahha

The boys loved it, Robbie 6along and William 7 along in shorts and singlet..They got right into it. Me lets just say say I may walk every morning for an hour but I am so not fit...But I am going to be yes sirree just you wait..

 I just want to say this is NOT a mid life crises just a good old fashioned mental break down. Body break down more like it, my back is aching and I do have muscles in my tummy after sore I am sooooooo sore. May be 46 is to old to try kickboxing.
I have been thinking about this....getting old thing...My sore aching body and my wardrobe got me thinking.
Now your wandering how my wardrobe got into this..Let me try to explain...While looking for something to wear to church I realized some thing about my clothes.....They're boring....and I don't know when this happened..I used to wear bright happy clothes....
I have a theory...
With every thing that has gone on in the last few years I have become a bit of a worrier....I never used to worry about what people thought about me, but since Greg died and I have been working I worry about  what so and so thinks. I know I'm probably rambling a bit here sorry.....but I have changed and not for the better....
What to do?
I am going to stop worrying, I will have bright red hair if I want it.
I will wear bright loud clothes if I choose.
And I will dam well do kick boxing at 46 and be proud of the fact that I have the guts to have a go.

I am going to live MY life the way I choose to and not how others think I should...
No more playing it safe and NO MORE BLACK...

OK that's it ranting over...

Thanks for listening



  1. Good for you, Mandy.
    Every once in a while it does us all good to re-examine our life. We need to live each day with gusto. Black clothes may make us look a bit slimmer but most people actually look better in color. It brightens the face and compliments skin tone. Go for it!!

  2. I totally agree.....You should wear what you want and forget what anyone else thinks. they are NOT you. 46 is not to old to start anything, I am the same age and not sure if I could do it:0) but I would have a go (maybe just once).

  3. Mandy without red hair, that is a worry. I am 48 now, so you are a baby lol. I am curious, are you on facebook? I have a friend who knows lots of ladies our age, and they are into sporty stuff, unlike me. I have aches too. Look in Target, I think all the exercise stuff is for the middle aged ladies, and all the fancy underwear, everything really, but maybe it isn't lol. Facebook, has made me not think about what others think, but maybe I should be still, in fact the sooner I get to blogging the better I think. x

  4. Good on you!!! I vowed this year to not worry about what others think too,,,,,easier said than done sometimes though isn't it.

    My body is aching after just doing a workout on the "Your Shape" on the Xbox on Monday. I am so darn sore, then this morning I walked the 4km return trip with the kids to school and I am absolutely exhausted and my legs feel like they are about to snap lol.

  5. Good for you Mandy, you are exactly right, it is your life and you should live it just the way you want to!

    I have been thinking of going to karate classes and I am 49. I will be like you and find muscles I never knew I had. You are NEVER to old for anything!

    Most of all Mandy, have FUN, life is too short!


  6. You go, girl! Do what ya want and bugger what others think! You've had a tough couple of years and I am always amazed at your outlook on life and the way you are living it - surrounded by lots of people who love you.
    Rainbow or black clothes - it's nobodys business but yours. And I have always been to scared to have a bright colour in my hair, but yours looked great when it was bright! Go for it!

    Cheers - Joolz