Thursday, January 19, 2012


(picture from Pinterest I think)

I was here

Dreaming that my pool house looked like this.
That my Internet was working again...

But no to the above

Also I have just realized that for the last few months that all the comments and emails I have sent to you lovely ladies I don't think you got. I have been sending them from my old email address.

I am hoping that the hour I just spent trying to fix it (instead of working) has worked.

I will catch up as soon as the Internet at home is fixed (it had better be tomorrow)

Meanwhile I'm going to work out how I can cut the front wall out of my pool house so it looks like this one....



  1. Mandy, that would be the most wonderful place to sit with a glass of bubbly, a few yummy chocolates and our stitching. I would love to have it as a hide-a-way, like a little personal sanctury. Gosh, going to dream now...... ah.......

  2. We are about to start renovating our pool area. Moving the pergola to the other side etc somehow I dont think I could convince Tony to build this for me. Although once the pergola's moved I will have the perfect space for it. I might show it to him anyway lol

  3. I'm usually not one who enjoys anything "blue", but I must admit that is a BEAUTIFUL pool house...Hope you get your computer issues fixed soon, Mandy.

  4. I would love a garden room like that.Its just gorgeous.