Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreamworld Catchup

I can't believe that this time last week we were at the Gold Coast.

We had the most wonderful time there and William was so excited as he was tall enough to go on all the rides.

Robbie and Cassie tended to go on all the fast rides together which left William, Bruce and I to enjoy the slower ones. Will was much more interested in the animals though. We had the most relaxing 4 days ever. I call it a power holiday you know like a power nap just long enough to keep you going.

And for me on Sunday we came home via Ikea....O yeh baby....Ummm not many photos as I was to busy oohing and aghhhing and forgot to take some...

I am working on this fine Saturday morning well actually at work catching up on my blog...hahahah
Alanah normally works on Saturdays but she has taken her Grandma to Roma to visit Jess and baby Grace.. I am most envious as well as the kids say No fair...

Enjoy your week-end
I am going to catch up on what has been happening in Blogland in the last 10 days.

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