Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The morning sunshine.

Good morning all...
I thought I would share some photos with you this morning.

side veranda in the morning

Of the wonderful Summer sun shinning in through the windows. Sitting and having my coffee this morning I realized just how lovely the lounge room looked in the morning light.

Getting out the camera I started clicking away. I all so noticed that even though my house is high set at the front there is plenty of green to be seen. The green from the Jacaranda tree and the hanging baskets bring the out doors in.
I love it when I see my house through fresh eyes...Yes there is still work to be done and every thing is not perfect in my house...but it is home and I love my home...

Are you happy in your home?
 Is it some where you want to come home too?


On the week end we got the new chook pens finished. I needed to run up to Bunnings to get a few things and guess what I found.

Adirondack Chairs

I have been after these chairs for sooooo long...They sell out so fast, I have tried to buy them on line but no luck well not in my price range... I got the last 2 from Bunnings
(insert Happy Dance Here)

I will show you the new chook pen later in the week...
Have a great day



  1. Love the morning sun shining into a room especially in winter

  2. I love the morning sun pictures Mandy. You are so lucky to have so much green surrounding you :)

    Yes I am very happy in my home, and love spending time here. Rather be here than any where else :)

    Those chairs look great!


  3. Hi how nice your home looks, nice to see some sun after all the rain.

  4. I just love what you've done with your house. I believe I could sit on that side veranda 24/7 and be a happy, happy, girl...It's true what they say, "There's no place like home"!

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