Monday, February 27, 2012

A Walk Through the garden.....

Hi every one!!!!
How was your week end????
 WET...All around it has been raining and I am loving it. The rain has been good for my garden  come for walk and have a look. We'll go down to the red gate first.

and through the gate to the new Chicken Pens for a look.
 The girls are enjoying their new home and are loving all the green grass out here.

This time there is 3 seperate pens. That way I have the different breds seperate and a spare pen to rotate them into. Because there is no trees here I got sunshades for them....From 2pm it is all in the shade though so they don't get any hot afternoon sun. Most importantly it is out of the house yard and I can let them out all day with out having my gardens trashed..

OK lets go back  through the Red gate and have a walk through rain forest part of  the garden.

The flowers on the palm trees are looking so pretty, I think they look like lace hanging in the trees.

From down here you can just glimpse the house... Greg planted all the palms 16 years ago when I was expecting Cassie. Every thing is growing and starting to fill out, the ground cover is doing well in this weather..OOOO it is so peacefull down here and pretty.

Looking to the right is the stairs to The Old Dairy you can just see the roof. I have 3 French backpackers staying there at the moment and they are getting all of this garden cleaned up and looking so good.

I still do all the mowing though..
.I mowed on Thursday but it dosn't look like it now does it.
The backpackers are earning there keep with all the rain as it is a never ending job with the weeding.
The back garden is looking so lush, the hills in the background are full of grass. I am going to have to get some cows again to keep all the grass down.
I will never complain about the rain though, I never get sick of it. There is a crispness to the air these last couple of mornings, Autumn is in the air and on it's way.

Soon the summer storms will be behind us. I will miss them as I am getting used to going to sleep at night to the sound of rain and thunder.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through what we all call DAD'S GARDEN. I think it will always be known as this no matter what I do to it, and that is fine with me.

Enjoy your week


  1. I loved the garden tour - always nice to see someone elses back yard (weeds and all). You have some lovely areas of garden and I like the rainforest area.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. That was so much fun!
    Loved seeing the Garden - It is so lovely and GREEN!!
    Your chicks look like they have a great and I'm sure they appreciate the shade...Things are changing here to - Spring is in the air!

  3. How wonderful Mandy,I loved your tour and it looks fantastic,the rain just gives everything such a freshness..well done I may borrow your backpackers to keep up

  4. Always love seeing your garden Mandy, its such a relaxing garden looks cool too. The new chook pens look great too. Yep Ive noticed the crisp feel to the air the last couple of mornings.