Sunday, April 1, 2012

On The Road...

Hi All, the road has began we at Roma and I have to say,
We had the longest trip to  Roma EVER...

We went via Moonie...There is a roadhouse there with a pub, clothing shop, caravan park and servo. Also a lot of stuffed bore heads the main reson for going this way as the boys wanted to check it out.

 We arrived in Roma at 4p.m after leaving home at 9 am.Then it was time to set up camp.
Do you like my little pop top van. We are camping in the back yard at Jess and Lock's and I have to tell you at the moment there is about 20 dogs barking all around. So sleeping is out of the question, so I thought I'd blog why I have a chance.  How do you live in town I can not stand the traffic or dogs...

 But it is all worth it to have spent time with my darling little Grace. She is sitting up on her own now, and is so adorable and smiling all the time. I love being a grandma so much but I am going to miss her when I leave.

Tomorrow we head to Carnarvan Gorge for 2 days. I am looking forward to this as there is lots of walking tracks and wildlife to see. I don't think there will be Internet reception out there so I won't be blogging until I get to Charters Towers.

Now I am of to see what you are up too, as the dogs are still barking....
Good night.


  1. What a beautiful little baby..she is just so lovely...

  2. Sounds like a huge travelling day. Grace is so cute! Enjoy Carnavon Gorge, I'd love to see some photos. xx

  3. Oh she is so cute and I know the feelings about being a Grandma...amazing. Enjoy your trip and lots of pics.