Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty in Pink.

I wanted to show you the pink themed table setting I did for Alanah's birthday dinner last night.
Lots of pink and white flowers for the table.

Favourite table cloth and some plain white plates. Pink grapefruit drinks which tasted sooo good. This will Be Alanah's last birthday with us for the next 2 years so we wanted to make it a special time.

In the midst of the chaos around us we made a peaceful corner, as you can see in the background the painting is continuing and looks great.

Today I am home with a sick little boy so I have had a chance to catch up on a few things.
Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



 I love you and am so proud of the woman you are

Try not to party to hard on Friday night.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Week end

First there was floor coverings to pull up...

Then there was sanding and lots more dust.

Then sealing with  Oil.

Leave it to soak in over night and redo it again.

All done..
A week end well spent.
Tomorrow the painting begins...By the weeks end I will have a new room to show you ( I hope)

 If you are missing any socks I am sure Chilli will know where they are..

Happy Monday all

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a mess.......

I wanted to show you the work from the week end. Below is all the new tongue and grove panelling that went up in the dinning room. 

Below you can see it was just plain board and I wanted  it to match the rest of the house.I have decided to go only as far as the windows though with a chair rail going around to finish it off.
Yes it sounds confusing but I can see it in my mind ( looks good there hahaha) 
Also all the little skirting board came up, this is the last room to get done.

 And it was replaced with some nice wide skirting board, the wider board makes it look finished. After 12months the dinning room is finally getting finished....Just the painting to go and you all know that I don't like painting.

 Enter back packers.
Yesterday while I was at work Mark from Denmark(below) sanded the room for me, so when I got home there was a great big b***** mess to clean up. Fine blue paint EVERYWHERE, but did I sit down and cry even though I wanted to? noooooo I just got in and cleaned it all up thinking that it's not that bad as I didn't have to do any sanding.
Today he is busy doing the ceiling, so more fine dust when I get home..
I no I have said it before but having back packers have been the best thing I have ever done as so much is getting done...yes I am even going to get him painting...
I will keep you up to date.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Week End Catch up

Hi ya all...
Friday saw me at the cross country with William. He is the one in black and white about to cross the road. Will came 10th in hos race which isn't a bad effort for a little fellow.

 Friday and all week end was sunny and warm here such great weather to be out side....I love warm winter days.

I wanted to show you my find for the week, A heap of windows to finish off the wall on the shed.

 image pinterest
After I have got the wall on the shed filled in may be I could get a glass house like the one above made.
\I also got this boys toy, William loves playing with it, it is all wooden, the wheels and sticks. I have never seen one before so if any one has any information that would be great.

The shed is a bit of a mess at the moment as Bruce is putting all the pipes in for the bathroom. Truly I nearly had a fit when I saw the mess in here.

 I tell you it looks the backyard Grand Canyon..

But it sure is a neat Canyon though. I had my backpackers on the job and boy do they like to dig. Hahah today though they are filling it all back in now the pipes are layed.

 At least the front is still all neat with no hint as to the mess lurking out back.

I got in and did some gardening..Remember the old chook pen above. Well it is all gone now and I am making a new garden in this area.

 It took a bit of cleaning up as the ground is that hard as you can imagine. I got in and layed lots of mulch down and gave it all a good watering. Hopefully in a week or two I can start planting.

Tomorrow I'll show what work has been happening in the house. Lots going on here as I have a lot of helping hands, I Japanese, 1 French and 1 Dutch back packers. Yep many willing workers, which is good as there is much to do.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Lost Week...

My goodness it is Thursday already and I have been so busy that I don't know where the week has gone.

I do know that my handsome son had a birthday last Friday. I did ring and send him a pressie I didn't forget my first borns birthday..

Please don't ask me why I have been so busy cause if I tried to tell you what, I couldn't. Do you ever get like that..
Friends that I haven't seen for a loooong time say "Hi what have you been up to"
Mandy " Ummm nothing much same ole same ole"
You know they are thinking" Then why the hell haven't you rang or been to visit."
Is it just me or are others like this.
 I don't suppose I could say I find some time to have a quick look in Vinnies on the way to work, no probably not...Ha but I do and look what I found!

For the kids of course... 

I found these bowling pins that William has loved, they now stay in the hallway as that's where he plays with them.

The bargain of the month though was the wooden chairs for The Shed that I shared last week.

I may feel a little guilty when friends drop around and say where did you get that from....At least they still drop around...

Tomorrow I am staying home and will spend lots of time out here in the back garden and even ring a few friends to catch up .
 Then on the week end I will start to get the last of the inside painting done before it gets to cold to have the house open.

At last I have the Internet back on at home, the dramas have been ongoing for about 3months now. I am hoping this will be a better run. Tonight I am looking forward to cuddling up in bed with my computer and stopping buy all my blog friends to say hello. Yep the excitement of it all.

Have a great week end Friends.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet 16 th in The Shed....

 I am a little sad as the Sweet 16th is all over.
Sad that my youngest daughter is 16 and yet so proud of the young Lady she is growing into. Sad that I am THAT OLD....

 The Shed also made it's entrance in it's first party. There was last minute building going on. Windows going up.
 Below and above is the Barb-B-Que area and I wanted it enclosed. I have had this sash windows for ever from the house, we hang them on chains to enclose the barby. I love the way they look here.

The other end is the prepping end or work station with an old stove given to us by some friends. Up went some shelves and out came all my bits and pieces. I am having fun decorating this shed.

 We even have a bar at the end. Damien cooking here and Robbie helping.
Below you can see the kitchen area.

Even room for Time out below for us girls while the boys cook.

The 16 year olds kept warm around the fire, and boy was it cold. I think it was the coldest night we have had yet.

The inside was nice and warm and I love the way it all looked and turned out.
 The wooden chairs I picked up from St Vinnies 8 for $100...Bargain

A few old branches hanging around.

More branches to give it a rustic feel..

 If you have a look to the right of the pic below you can see a large number 16 on the wall. Cassie made this from electric power line insulators...Cleaver isn't she.

Lots of bunting around no decorating is complete without bunting.
 Boy it was a big day but by the end the shed looked great.

Damien and Chloe made the birthday cake...They love cooking together so they are the cake makers of the family.

 As the night went on we light another fire near the shed and it kept us all nice and warm. Good old 44 drums make the best fire pits.

There was the cutting of the cake and one very Happy girl.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of The Shed..
Thanks girls for the comments for the name of the shed. May be it will just be that.
The Shed....hmmmm

I know it was an over load of photos, thanks for dropping by.
Blessings Mandy

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Old Shed...

Wednesday greetings, and yes Wednesday already and I haven't shown you what we did on the week end.

I am making a few changes to The Old Dairy.
Above is the front of the Dairy and the guest quarters, below is the shed at the back. I have always had plans for this shed.

Other then having somewhere to park the mower.
  I have always seen this area as an outside kitchen and living area and then the old dairy will just be used for sleeping.(no more craft room) 

BUT The inside....O my
My darling Greg used this as a dumping ground and his little sons are no better. Poly pipe, wood, steel, push bikes etc I think you get the picture.

 O and lets not forget motor bikes
So that is what this shed looked like before. A mess. So we got to cleaning it all out, it is now empty. Why ?you ask...

My youngest daughter Cassandra turned 16 on Sunday...Below you can see her and her new  birthday pressie...
Meet Chili the Tapoddle. But also I have always given my girls a sweet 16th birthday party. Cassie wanted a bush themed party. Now what better place to have it than in the old shed.

So we cleared and we cleaned and we cleaned some more.
it was all empty.(cold beer here)


 OK so now it just looks like an empty shed(which it is) but boy do I have plans...
This shed is going to become our main entertaining area. The above area I am turning into a outdoor kitchen. Below will be the shed for parties.
I have been having fun getting this shed ready for 30 16yr olds on Saturday night.(twitch twitch)
It only has a dirt floor so we got hold of some old carpet hessian side up and tar dar a floor.
I have been bringing in furniture and decorating it all for a bush theme...
It is starting to look good, I will show you it all decorated when it is finished.

Now I need a name to call this area.
The Old Shed????
hmmmm    any suggestions at all?
Let me know what you think...