Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet 16 th in The Shed....

 I am a little sad as the Sweet 16th is all over.
Sad that my youngest daughter is 16 and yet so proud of the young Lady she is growing into. Sad that I am THAT OLD....

 The Shed also made it's entrance in it's first party. There was last minute building going on. Windows going up.
 Below and above is the Barb-B-Que area and I wanted it enclosed. I have had this sash windows for ever from the house, we hang them on chains to enclose the barby. I love the way they look here.

The other end is the prepping end or work station with an old stove given to us by some friends. Up went some shelves and out came all my bits and pieces. I am having fun decorating this shed.

 We even have a bar at the end. Damien cooking here and Robbie helping.
Below you can see the kitchen area.

Even room for Time out below for us girls while the boys cook.

The 16 year olds kept warm around the fire, and boy was it cold. I think it was the coldest night we have had yet.

The inside was nice and warm and I love the way it all looked and turned out.
 The wooden chairs I picked up from St Vinnies 8 for $100...Bargain

A few old branches hanging around.

More branches to give it a rustic feel..

 If you have a look to the right of the pic below you can see a large number 16 on the wall. Cassie made this from electric power line insulators...Cleaver isn't she.

Lots of bunting around no decorating is complete without bunting.
 Boy it was a big day but by the end the shed looked great.

Damien and Chloe made the birthday cake...They love cooking together so they are the cake makers of the family.

 As the night went on we light another fire near the shed and it kept us all nice and warm. Good old 44 drums make the best fire pits.

There was the cutting of the cake and one very Happy girl.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of The Shed..
Thanks girls for the comments for the name of the shed. May be it will just be that.
The Shed....hmmmm

I know it was an over load of photos, thanks for dropping by.
Blessings Mandy


  1. Now we all want a "Shed"!!
    How great was that? I loved it. What creativity you had and your helpers did a great job assisting you. You may well turn into the "Party place" for your kids. Beautiful evening of memories for your sweet daughter. She is so darn pretty, Mandy!

  2. The Shed looks fabulous Mandy. I love how you decorated for the party. It looks like so much fun. xx

  3. I would love this shed- what a fabulous party place!