Monday, May 21, 2012

Week End Catch up

Hi ya all...
Friday saw me at the cross country with William. He is the one in black and white about to cross the road. Will came 10th in hos race which isn't a bad effort for a little fellow.

 Friday and all week end was sunny and warm here such great weather to be out side....I love warm winter days.

I wanted to show you my find for the week, A heap of windows to finish off the wall on the shed.

 image pinterest
After I have got the wall on the shed filled in may be I could get a glass house like the one above made.
\I also got this boys toy, William loves playing with it, it is all wooden, the wheels and sticks. I have never seen one before so if any one has any information that would be great.

The shed is a bit of a mess at the moment as Bruce is putting all the pipes in for the bathroom. Truly I nearly had a fit when I saw the mess in here.

 I tell you it looks the backyard Grand Canyon..

But it sure is a neat Canyon though. I had my backpackers on the job and boy do they like to dig. Hahah today though they are filling it all back in now the pipes are layed.

 At least the front is still all neat with no hint as to the mess lurking out back.

I got in and did some gardening..Remember the old chook pen above. Well it is all gone now and I am making a new garden in this area.

 It took a bit of cleaning up as the ground is that hard as you can imagine. I got in and layed lots of mulch down and gave it all a good watering. Hopefully in a week or two I can start planting.

Tomorrow I'll show what work has been happening in the house. Lots going on here as I have a lot of helping hands, I Japanese, 1 French and 1 Dutch back packers. Yep many willing workers, which is good as there is much to do.


  1. Oh wow, I can't help with any information as such on the Tinkertoy but I remmeber having a set of those back when I was a kid that had belonged to my older brothers. (Well lets put it this way, it if it wasn't those then it must have been something very close to them!) What a find!!

  2. You have been busy and you've found some great bits and pieces. I love the idea of a green house made from old windows. Congratulations to Will on his 10th place. xx

  3. I have never seen a tinker toy before but someone will be able to tell you about Im sure. A little glasshouse like that one would be nice:0)